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4 Ways Companion Care Services Can Provide Emotional Benefits to Improve the Health and Well-Being of Your Loved One

It’s human nature to need help and desire a sense of companionship, especially as we age. If you have an older family member that requires assistance with daily activities, BrightStar Care of South Bucks and Southeast Montgomery Counties offers in-home care services to support their daily physical, activities of daily living (ADL’s) and emotional needs. 
Here are four emotional benefits of in-home care services:
1 – Peace of Mind for Family Members
For your elderly relative, tasks and errands that were once completed without any thought may now be more than they can safely do alone.  The caregivers at BrightStar Care aid your loved one with these tasks in a respectful way that safely maximizes their sense of independence and dignity.  BrightStar Care’s  caregivers assist with meal preparation, cooking, light housekeeping, shopping and errands, and laundry, to name a few.  This gives family members the peace of mind knowing that their senior loved one will be safely cared for and will have companionship.
2 - Improved Mood for Your Loved One
Sometimes your loved one’s greatest need is for companionship and engagement.  BrightStar Care’s caregivers support your loved ones by helping them engage in their favorite activities and hobbies like crafts, games, reading, watching movies or going for walks, with the appropriate level of assistance.  The senior receiving care benefits from this as they often increase their activity and engagement which reduces boredom, loneliness and even depression.  With the help of our dedicated caregivers, your loved ones will get to do just about everything they love, but with a little assistance – and be happier because of it.
3 - A Sense of Security for Your Loved One
As your loved one ages, it can be frightening for her/him that once routine tasks, like walking up stairs, now present real safety risks.  Pride, or fear of facing limitations, may prevent them from admitting to themselves, and/or others that they need and want help.  Having a caregiver  to assist provides them with peace of mind and allows them to continue enjoying activities free of the fear of being injured.
4 – Improved Family Relationships
Many family members and senior clients report that because of the help provided by BrightStar Care, they are able to enjoy their time together more than they could before.  They say that the nature of the interaction between them changes from a focus on caregiving, and all the stress that places on family members, to that of Mother/Daughter, Father/Son, etc.  One BrightStar Care client who had 24/7 live-in had this to say:
“…because of Brightstar and our caregiver, my father was able to live his final days at home in total comfort. My father was able to sleep in his own bedroom and when i would look at him sleeping he truly looked at rest. My father was content  at home. My father was able to be with his wife, enjoy some home cooking, play with his dog and enjoy daily company from neighbors and friends.  I am so grateful for all the BrightStar Care caregiver did for my dad.”
In-home care services are a great way to give your loved one the support they not only require, but that they deserve, and to give you the peace of mind that you deserve. The professionals at BrightStar Care give your aging family member support with daily activities, while providing them with the comfort of companionship. To learn how the caregivers at BrightStar Care of South Bucks and Southeast Montgomery Counties can assist your loved one, call 215-750-8802 or fill out our contact form.