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Home care in Woburn, MA

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Meet Our Woburn, MA Home Care Team

Compassion, integrity, family, excellence, trustworthiness, accountability, and diversity.


Chris headshot
Chris Littlefield - Owner
I had wanted to own my own business for years before Sarah and I discovered BrightStar, but I wasn’t sure what industry or market sector made the most sense for me. I investigated many different opportunities. As I began to delve into the realm of home care, I realized that my experience with my own parents mirrored in many ways the stories of the families that we now serve. BrightStar’s corporate commitment to delivering individualized home care of the highest quality hit home with me from the outset. I love that I can feel really good about the work that we do twenty-four hours a day. I know that everyone on our team is wholly committed to making more possible in the lives of the people who trust us. I truly believe in the service we offer, and I love helping families and facilities discover the BrightStar difference.


Sarah headshot
Sarah Littlefield - Owner
If anyone had told me five years ago that in the near future I would be running my own business, I probably would have laughed. Having worked for twenty years in independent schools, educational recruiting and consulting, and summer camping, I was the educator and Chris was the business person. And then we found BrightStar. The organization’s mission and values – coupled with its uncompromising dedication to going above and beyond in every situation – really resonated with me, and I knew I wanted to be part of this amazing network of people. I love working with our field staff, families and facilities, and knowing that we deliver the highest quality of care available, from companionship through skilled nursing. I feel so privileged to do the work that we do, knowing that we are making a difference in the lives of patients, families and caregivers every single day..


Lisa headshot
Lisa Furtado - Branch Manager
After having worked in home care in the Boston North area for more than ten years, I feel as though I have truly found a home at BrightStar. I have always enjoyed working with people – particularly seniors and kids – and I love being able to make a difference in people’s lives by sending the right person to every family we serve. I am an active volunteer in the local senior community, and I believe passionately in delivering superior customer service and exemplary case management by cultivating meaningful and genuine relationships with families. I decided to join the BrightStar family because the organization’s mission statement matches my core values. I know that everyone on our team – from the office staff through our nurses and aides – shares my commitment to customer service, attention to detail, and outstanding execution, and that shared pursuit of excellence makes it easy to do my job every day.


Trina headshot
Trina Russo, RN - Nurse Manager
I love being a nurse. I care for each of my patients as if they were my family, and I am committed to providing an outstanding clinical experience and unsurpassed individualized attention to every patient. As a North Shore native, I know many of the physicians and specialists used by the families in our local communities, and I value the relationships I have developed with them. I have experience in both private and institutional settings, from VNAs and hospitals to state residential programs and private agencies, and I am thrilled to have found BrightStar. Being part of an organization that values personalized attention and quality care as much as I do is professionally rewarding and personally gratifying. I’ve worked in the home setting for over 20 years, and I feel lucky to be part of a corporate culture that mirrors my own commitment to quality care and oversight.


Stephanie headshot
Stephanie Carvajal - Recruiting Specialist
I have always been interested in health care, specifically rehabilitation and nutrition. I love learning how the body works and learning ways to improve one's health naturally. As a recruiter with over ten years of experience, I also really love being in the “connector” role, helping others connect with the jobs and clients who will best suit their education and background. At BrightStar, I get to work with a wonderful team of certified aides and nurses who share the same passion for helping others that I feel. I take pride in my work, especially because I'm working towards such a great cause, and because I am part of a team committed to living BrightStar’s mission and values . I am in the process of obtaining my Bachelor’s in Public Health, and it has been great to learn about health care in school as well as at work.


Danielle headshot
Danielle Archibald, CNA - Customer Care Specialist
I have always been passionate about helping people and caring for the needs of others, and although I earned my Phlebotomy certificate before becoming a Home Health Aide, I definitely feel that this is the work I was meant to do. I have been a Home Health Aide for four years, and since starting down this career path, I have grown close to many of my clients. The compliments I received not only made me feel more confident in my skills, but they made me want to advance more in the healthcare field. In becoming a Customer Care Specialist at BrightStar, I saw an opportunity to use my skills out in the field while also gaining more office experience. I think of myself as trustworthy, reliable, honest, and respectful, and it always makes me feel good inside to know that by doing my best work, I have made someone else's day go better.


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