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The Real Benefits of Sleep

May 31st, 2016

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Whether you are a newborn or a senior pushing 100 years, sleep is one of the most important activities we do everyday. We all know the line, “you need to get 8 hours of sleep every night,” but why do we say it? Usually, getting more sleep means simply adjusting your schedule and going to bed earlier or sleeping in later. If you get more sleep you feel more rested. But, what are the additional health benefits that come along with getting not only good but also consistent sleep? Here are a few to consider when you lay your head down at night.

Energy and Mood

It is scientifically proven that your sleep habits affect your daily mood. Getting a good night’s sleep directly correlates with increased motivation, better mood, and higher energy. Likewise, people who don’t sleep enough tend to have lower motivation, and can even cause significant mood swings throughout the week.

Improved Memory

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Another scientifically backed benefit of sleep is increased memory. Getting more sleep improves the functions of the brain that are responsible for memory, both short-term and long-term. As you might know, your mind is at work while you sleep. It is taking your day’s events and actions and putting them to permanent memory. If you are having memory problems, good sleep can help.

Increased Metabolism

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Having trouble losing weight? Not only do you tend to eat more when you sleep less, but your metabolism also slows down as you stretch the energy of your body. Sleeping reverses these effects and the increased energy levels from good sleep transitions into an increased metabolism as well. Now, you aren’t only burning more calories, but you have more energy for that evening or morning gym session as well.

Improved Joint Health

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The quality of sleep you get is as important as the amount. And where you sleep affects your body and joints. This is especially true for aging seniors who may already suffer from joint or back pain. You must have a good and comfortable mattress, that allows you to sleep smoothly through the night. Know that as you have multiple nights of good consistent sleep, your body will start to relax and relieve tension from the joints and upper body. If you fail to do this you may wake up stiff and tired instead of refreshed.

The most important element sleeping is getting the proper amount. Eight hours is a fairly standard length of time. So make sure to prepare yourself for sleep. In the evenings, relax and avoid caffeine or high energy activities. Ensure that you are ready to sleep and get the proper amount by setting an alarm so you don’t sleep in. Understand that having higher energy during the day will often result in you being more ready for bed at the right time.

Follow these tips and watch for the benefits as you try getting better sleep for yourself and feel the difference good sleep can make in your life.

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