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A great day for BrightStar Care

This week BrightStar Care owner and president, David Price, was honored at the annual meeting of the Milford Area ChamFullSizeRenderber of Commerce for his leadership and faithful service as past president of the organization. The gathering was an opportunity to celebrate the groups' accomplishments over the past year and was highlighted by an appearance and remarks by Lt. Governor and Worcester county's own, Karen Polito. There was a lot to celebrate. The seasoned politician and public servant outlined the administration's three pronged mission stressing public health and safety, good education for all, and economic development from one side of the Commonwealth to the other. During the time since taking office the Baker administration has worked on a bi-partisanimage1 effort that is moving their agenda forward and producing results despite the administration not being on the same "team" as the state's legislative majority. Being in the crowd one couldn't help but feel encouraged by their sincere effort and initiative in a time when the national political scene is anything but cordial, effective, or producing results for the greater good. The discourse has become so rancorous and derisive during the campaigns and the mood in Washington leading up to it, that one could be forgiven for not remembering a time when the elected officials were doing their jobs and not just grabbing media coverage and headlines. There was a spirit of genuine commitment and partnership in the room today between business and government. That is just the sort of dialogue that the Chambers seek for their members. That discussion can change the not only the business landscape, but the state of the state as well. Polito then spent time taking questions from the audience, offered thoughtful responses, and promised to look into some of the concerns she was less familiar with. In the end it was a day to appreciate the work of the Chamber and all of the individuals who make that work happen. These business owners, employees, and civic minded folks demonstrate throughout the year that it truly does "take a village."  

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