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Amazing art, amazing artist

maxresdefaultEvery once in a while we need to see something joyous and spiritually renewing. I saw the YouTube video of this incredible artist who works with only 2 products, ribbon and a hot iron, and yet miraculously conjures these ethereal works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zV_yMmjwsS8

In the hands of artist Benjamin Shine, a piece of tulle isn’t just for making pretty clothes and window treatments. Incredibly the British artist turns the fabric into amazingly realistic paintings or sculptures.

His vision is simply remarkable. and one has to ask, how does that person get to have that insight when the rest of the planet looks at the same material and, never in a lifetime, sees the possibilities he sees.

benjamin-shine-sculpts-entwined-ribbon-portraits-for-his-own-wedding-designboom-01His ghost like wedding portrait of his wife and himself is nothing short of magical. This is a special kind of genius. The man looks at ribbon and self expression flows out of him. His sculptures are eerily spiritual. Their devotion and fascination are immediately apparent. He clearly expressed the flowing of their lives together.

Shine's pieces are uplifting. They evoke feelings of wonderment and joy and reaching and celebration of life. People often complain about the many drawbacks of where technology has brought us today. But, because of the internet the world gets to see and share in Shine's brilliant creations. Those opportunities may never have existed thirty years ago but today we can all benefit and enjoy his art simply because I was visiting Facebook. I may be annoyed with the torrent of information and the crushing weight of nearly constant communications from every conceivable device we have to allegedly simplify our lives, but seeing his work somehow tamps down the fury for a few minutes.