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Autumn without Falls

T1432357605094he season is changing and we all make adjustments to be safe and comfortable as the days grow shorter and chillier. For many seniors this a particularly dangerous time, however. Areas in the home that may have been uncovered in warmer months may now have rugs or carpets that pose real threats to the safety of a senior. Blankets draped over a bed or chair may get tangled in a walker or cane. And sadly, accidents caused by falls are a top factor in what often becomes a downward spiraling of health for many seniors. The progression may start with a fall but once hospitalized other complications often follow like pneumonia and bed sores. BrightStar Care of Worcester Milford is deeply committed and aware of this condition and so we want to advise our community on tips and solutions to prevent this happening to your loved ones. Take a moment and assess your loved ones environment to maximize safety and comfort as the season changes. This may also be the time to check batteries in their smoke and CO2 detectors. Are heating sources blocked ? Are space heaters being used properly and safely? Are cords to appliances, particularly space heaters, tacked down or out of the way? An ounce of prevention and awareness now may ward off a pound of pain later. A discerning eye and immediate action will allow for enjoying the beauty that autumn rewards us with here in New England.