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Love a Nurse Worcester!

May 11th, 2016

Dave runningWhere would we be with out them? Any of us? Even the healthiest among us see and depend on nursing care at some point, and often many, in largely stressful and trying situations. BrightStar Care appreciates not just our nurses, but all the nurses in our communities. We could not do our jobs without our talented and caring team of nurses. And Worcester county lucky to have
abundant health care options and facilities who are all staffed with these blessed souls.

Nurses are much maligned and worse, overlooked and undervalued. But seriously they are the front line of care in our world, just ask anyone who has either been hospitalized recently or visited someone who has been. Nurses are the faces you see, the hands that help. They are so much more than the name on the board by the bed for each shift.

They are the ones that come running when the buzzers are pushed. And yes, sometimes that takes time. But let's face it, their patient loads have skyrocketed in a system that most have, some, if not many, complaints about. And yet, they are there. I have several very good friends who are nurses. Some are in their fifth decade of nursing, and if you ask them, they almost all say they went into nursing for very similar reasons; to care for people, to minster, to help, to heal.

How many jobs have had to evolve as much as nursing in the past thirty years? It's almost astonishing. Yes crisp white hats were replaced with whimsical, colorful scrubs, but that doesn't tell the story. Its hardly a whimsical colorful profession much of the time now. And yet, they are here, still caring and healing. We see far more men, a good thing to be sure, as men are allowed to be nurturers more now than ever before. And thankfully, they aren't wearing the dresses of years ago! But what a load they all shoulder.

The health care "system" is a leviathan, more confusing, less personal, more encumbering, filled with older and often sicker patients. I just take my hat off to anyone who chooses to be in the thick of that quicksand pit. I truly admire, appreciate, and respect their commitment and dedication. I marvel at their calm, and concern, and caring. I honor their willingness to dive into any situation they are presented when few among us would do the same.

I don't even know how they do it. But they do, day after day, week after week, year after year they stay and nurse. Thanks goodness for nurses. Any nurse, all nurses. Thank you thank you thank you! We do appreciate all you do even when many days it's hard to see that.


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