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Seniors and Presidential Politics

April 13th, 2016

political logosIts impossible to turn on the TV, radio, or sit with 2 or more people when the conversation turns to the Presidential Race. This may turn out to be the election where the oldest and the youngest voters have the greatest impact. Traditionally older voters have always been a reliable source for candidates. But this year the youngest voters are being courted like never before in attempts to counter balance the usual heavy senior voter turnout. The Worcester area's seniors have much to consider in this campaign year.

Both parties are working hard to get every possible voter out for their candidates. No one is taking anything for granted in a time when a contested Republican Convention is such a likelihood. The world seems in a constant uproar over the drama and machinations of the 5 remaining politicians. Their every word and reaction are the fodder for many a sound byte.

So, where are you on the spectrum? Decided or undecided? Conservative or liberal? Red or blue? Deeply engaged or disinterested? Do you tune in with enthusiasm when the news comes on or do you run from the room swearing you've had enough? Well, the election is still seven months away and there's plenty more to come. Are you being courted by AARP, or the DNC or RNC, the NRA, or ACLU, Planned Parenthood, or the WWF? You can count on far more discourse, lots more heated debate.

But make no mistake- every vote really does count. Missouri finally certified their primaries just yesterday and a mere 1000-1150 votes separated the winners from their second place opponents. Despite the noise and chaos your vote may never have mattered more. So despite the races being loud, aggressive,
and at times, downright rude be sure you vote. You're never too old and your opinion and voice matter as much as anyone's.

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