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Learn about our Mentorship Program

March 21st, 2016


Here at BrightStar Care of Naperville and Oak Brook, one of our goals is to provide opportunities for growth and development for our employees.

We look at a position at BrightStar as more of a career path, not just a job.

We have introduced a mentorship program to assist CNAs who have recently completed their nursing degrees or to help nurses who want to “brush up” on their knowledge and skills.

Our mentorship program has two separate tracks: One-on-one Hospice care and Facility work.

The program is led by a BrightStar nurse “mentor” who provides one hour of in-office education followed by hands-on practice in our skills laboratory.
The program also enables our nurses to shadow our mentors in the field.

In the skills lab, nurses are able to practice on our geriatric mannequin, Geri, many skills that they will be performing in the field such as:

  • oral suctioning
  • trach suctioning
  • removing and cleaning the inner cannula of a trach tube
  • checking placement of a G-tube
  • administering medications via a G-tube
  • setting up a G-tube feed
  • changing an ostomy bag
  • providing hygiene care for someone with an ostomy
  • inserting, flushing and removing a catheter
  • providing hygiene for someone with a catheter
  • inserting an enema or suppository

The list goes on…but our lab is always open to our employees who want to practice their skills and become more confident in the field. Please feel free to contact us for more information about the program.