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Our Northern Michigan Care Team

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John and Sharon Zimmerman - Owners

BrightStar Care Traverse CityJohn and Sharon Zimmerman are the owners of BrightStar Care of Northern Michigan. John spent most of his career in the health field first as a pharmaceutical representative and later as a district manager for several Fortune 100 companies in the Pharmaceutical Industry.  He has years of experience marketing products for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Incontinence, as well as extensive knowledge of IV antibiotics and chemo-therapeutic agents. John and Sharon are both from Central Illinois where John served as a Volunteer Fireman and as an EMT for nearly 20 years.  John was a Scoutmaster for 15 years, JFL football coach for 18 years, and served on many service organizations in his local community. Sharon worked as a bookkeeper for a local business, volunteered as a Cub Scout Leader, Girl Scout Leader, and served on the local School Board for nearly 20 years.  Sharon has served in Music and Liturgy ministy for over 20 years in Illinois, Wisconsin and northern Michigan.  In 2009 John and Sharon decided to start their own home care business in Traverse City, Michigan.  With aging parents living many hours away John and Sharon have experienced searching for care for their parents and understand the need for high quality, compassionate care for our aging population.  Their goal is to be just and generous employers and to provide the same level of care they would expect for their parents.  “We will not put someone in your home we would not put in our parent’s home.”

Vicki Clayton - Director of Operations

Vicki ClaytonI remember a well cherished elderly lady, Mrs. Houder, who, when I was a youngster, was much like a grandmother to me. A good friend and I would bring Mrs. Houder cookies and visit with her on the weekends. I can remember sitting with her on the swing under a big oak tree earnestly listening as she reminisced the adventures of her exciting youth. I recall riding on the bus one day and as we passed we saw her house on fire. The emergency workers were taking Mrs. Houder away in an ambulance. They way our neighborhood and especially my family reacted is my inspiration and purpose for seeing that everyone in need receives the quality, loving care they deserve. My family along with a few neighbors went into the charred home to salvage as many of Mrs. Houder's belongings as we could. When Mrs. Houder moved into an apartment in town she had all of the china that had been passed down to her, and several other belongings she cherished. Now I am the proud mother of four wonderful children whom I love dearly, and two black labs who demand just as much of my love and attention. Throughout my career I have done an array of things including life coaching, home improvement, retail management, residential appraisal, and growing a now very successful building company. I have joined a wonderful family at BrightStar Care of Northern Michigan. As the Director of Operations, I ensure that the company runs smoothly and efficiently. I love to catch up with field staff, know they are well, and encourage them to be the best they can be in their positions.

Stacey Felski, RN - Director of Nursing

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