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BrightStar Care of Northern Michigan: Client Testimonials

Even more than who we are and what we say is what we do. The true measure of the services that we provide is that we met and exceeded the expectations of those in our care and their families. Nestled deep within each unique client story is all that our caregivers are making possible – more flexibility, more security, more hope. And while we could just tell you about the kind of work we do, there is nobody better able to speak to the kind of care that BrightStar provides than those we serve on a daily basis.

Two more "bright stars" are shining down upon us. There is no way to tell you how much we and especially Dad appreciated your help - always provided with love and care allowing Dad his dignity. Please let [our caregiver] know we feel so fortunate to have felt her kindness and her expertise. She was marvelous. I appreciated the early morning phone call from BrightStar which alerted me to Dad's hospitalization. I was there 4 hours after his admission, but he definitely perked up when we arrived and I would not have known until my visit for the day. God Bless.Ray & Peggy G., Tom & Barb C., Cass & Terry M., May 2012

To the employees of BrightStar, Words can never thank you for all you did for Steve and I!The Davis Family, February 2016

I wanted to share with you that the patient's wife spoke highly of BrightStar and just raved about the company. She stated that she just retired as a healthcare administrator and had used BrightStar [when in that role]. John, she said you were always a pleasure to work with and that if she was still there she would have hired me on the spot to educate her nurses. I know that this was only an injection but I just loved helping them out. I look forward to continuing to be part of this team and helping patients feel confident in their care with BrightStar!Kacey E., BrightStar Care of Northern Michigan Infusion Nurse Specialist, May 2016