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July is UV Awareness Month in Pittsburgh

July 14th, 2019

Clean Air Impacts UV Rays for Pittsburgh Seniors

July is UV Awareness Month in Pittsburgh

Even Healthy People are Noticing Effects of Poor Air Quality in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh's air quality among worst in nation, study says pollution advisories for the Pittsburgh levels exceed the federal health standard for air quality. The findings come in the association’s annual “State of the Air” report based on data from 2014 to 2019 posted in a local news article from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

“Pittsburgh’s metro region, which consists of Western Pennsylvania and small portions of West Virginia and Ohio, fell from 17th to 10th worst out of 201 regions for daily measure of fine particulate (PM 2.5) pollution, according to the study.”

Allegheny County in particular received straight F grades for ozone, daily particulate matter levels and long-term particulate levels, making it the only county outside of California to receive straight F’s in all three categories.
For people with health issues this condition makes it difficult to breathe outside and it can have an impact on healthy people too as UV Rays can be blocked by smoggy conditions as the ozone suffers it still is dangerous to seniors as the “Bad air can be detrimental to some who have lung issues, but healthy people may be starting to feel the effects of our bad air as well. Some people may experience, congestion, irritated eyes and throat.
Bad Air "impacts everybody, and some people's bodies notice it a little bit more, so we're all breathing it in," said naturopathic physician Dr. Lauren Glenn.”
Senior residents have been breathing bad air for a while in the air during snoggy heat waves in Pennsylvania. So, what can caregivers do about it?  “Dr. Glenn said if you work out, you might consider doing it indoors. She warns over the counter allergy medication just mask symptoms, but says may be okay for the short term, and perhaps maybe just stay indoors.
For more information please read the full Gazette article here

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