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In-Home Care vs. a Nursing Home: Which is Better for Your Aging Loved One?

November 23rd, 2016

wheelchair-1629490_1920Aging is a unique process for each of us. While the wrinkles, aches and pains, forgetfulness and other health and cognitive issues eventually affect us all, no one can predict at what chronological age we will begin to require assistance; if at all. There are many stories of 90+ year-olds who still live in their own home, independent, strong, healthy and mentally agile. Unfortunately, the reality for many of us is that there will come a point when an aging loved one will require a level of care that we can no longer provide. Determining the appropriate type of Orlando senior care for your loved one will take time that you may not have. BrightStar Care can help you navigate through the maze of considerations that must be made before you can make your final decision.

The current trend in skilled nursing facilities has been to shift the use of their space from long-term care for patients to more of a rehabilitative stepping stone. Patients are discharged from the rehabilitative process to age in place at home. For the facilities, Medicare reimburses at a higher rate for rehabilitation than long-term care, however, the economic impact of this decision actually works in the patient's favor. A stay in a nursing home for specific long-term care is extremely costly and all the services provided may not be a necessary component of effective care for your loved one.

Your aging loved one may need more help maintaining their daily quality of life in which case custodial care may be the help you seek. This type of care includes companionship, assistance with personal grooming (including bathing) and some light housekeeping. Custodial care is often covered by long-term care insurance and some Medicaid programs. It is much more economical than assisted living facilities and being able to remain in their own home is a source of great comfort and security for your loved one.

The growth of in-home health care has changed the face of aging in America. The advancement of mobile medical technology brings skilled nursing into the home at more affordable costs than many skilled nursing facilities. An added plus is that care can be customized to meet a patient’s specific needs. However, it is imperative that you find the right match for providing in-home Orlando senior care for your elderly loved one. Call BrightStar Care at 407-877-0720 to explore your options and make an informed decision about the care of your aging relative. Their life depends on it, and at BrightStar Care, it’s all about making more possible for all those we serve.

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