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The Difference Between Occupational & Physical Therapy

November 28th, 2016

physical-therapy-1698817_1280The difference between occupational and physical therapy is actually more substantial than most people realize. Orlando home health care has changed in the past decade and either therapy can now be provided in the comfort and privacy of a patient’s home. BrightStar Care offers the best physical and occupational therapy services in the area. Let’s explore the difference between the two.

Physical Therapy

When the majority of people hear the term “physical therapy,” they rightly think of hours of hard work and dedication focused on regaining the mobility of a particular part of the human anatomy. The physical therapist is the skilled individual who is responsible for the assessment of the patient's physical status, range of motion and mobility. Physical therapists are trained to develop and implement customized plans of treatment to improve all of these areas and to educate the patient in injury prevention for the future. These professionals focus on the rehabilitation of the patient’s mobility.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is often confused with physical therapy. While occupational therapy absolutely encompasses the physical mobility and range of motion of the patient, it is more centered on functionality being restored to allow the patient to perform specific tasks. Occupational therapists will develop regimens that assist patients in life management skills and make accommodations within their specific limits. Assistive technology is often implemented to provide patients additional independence and living life to their fullest potential.

The Main Difference

Think of it this way. A physical therapist will work with a patient to strengthen and rehabilitate the body before or following surgical procedures to enable a patient to restore function, reduce pain, and prevent further injury. An occupational therapist will work with a patient to maintain functionality and use accommodations and assistive devices and/or technology to help the patient participate in daily living routines.

Patients who receive Orlando home health care in the security of familiar surroundings are more likely to put in the extra effort towards making strides in both types of therapies than those who receive PT or OT in a public rehabilitation center or physician's office.

BrightStar Care is dedicated to helping people live their lives to the fullest extent possible, whether it’s offering therapies to help overcome mental or physical disabilities that occur due to natural aging, accident, illness, or birth defects, or through other in-home health services. Contact us online or call us at 407-877-0720 and let us assist you in finding the best possible physical and occupational therapists for your loved one.

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