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The Importance of Senior Socialization

November 9th, 2016

lilly-pond-805207_1920As life expectancy continues to increase, remaining active and socially engaged throughout an entire lifetime is significantly important. Regular interaction with others can stave off feelings of isolation and depression and can promote health and mental agility. At BrightStar Care, we believe that those who are providing Orlando senior care for an elderly parent or loved one need to be informed of the resources available within the community that can help them meet both the physical and social needs of the individual.

When to Consider Community Support

Family members are usually the providers of most daily socialization for seniors, especially if the individual may no longer drive or is unable to ambulate without assistance. As the entire population ages, family caregivers may no longer be able to be as involved as they once were for a plethora of reasons such as their own failing health, financial status, work status, etc. It is important that the senior loved one continues to feel “tuned-in” to the world around them regardless of the caregiver’s ability to attend to these needs personally. This is where community support can be of immeasurable assistance.

Consider Various Options

Many people balk at the idea of visiting a senior center or an adult day care. They fail to realize these places can provide a huge opportunity to be socially, mentally, and physically active which is key to maintaining a good quality of life. From playing cards to yoga, dancing, poetry reading, book clubs, theatre, etc., there is bound to be something that your elderly loved one will enjoy being a part of. Many of the programs are provided free to the community through community groups, religious groups and veterans’ organizations.

Consider the Individual Needs of Your Loved One

Aging doesn’t diminish the need to be social, however, it may diminish the way we can be social. For some, large groups of people, music and dancing are the types of social activities they enjoy and need to remain happy and healthy. For those that are in the early stages of dementia, it is often small group interaction that is preferable to keep the mind and body engaged. You need to know what is best for your elderly loved one and work to meet the need.

Providing your loved one the best Orlando senior care possible can sometimes be overwhelming. At BrightStar Care, we are here to provide the dependable assistance you and your loved one need to keep everyone on track. Call us anytime at 407-877-0720 or click here to learn how we can help you maintain the quality of life you want for your elderly loved one.