Protect your employees and customers with PPE.

As part of our efforts to raise the bar on safety, we have secured Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to support our local BrightStar Care franchise agencies as they continue to serve our clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to do our part in helping communities and businesses re-open safely, so we’re excited to extend the opportunity to purchase PPE products at-cost for a limited time to other businesses across the country. 

To make ordering process easy, we partnered with Franworth's Fullfillment Division out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. If your business is scheduled to re-open and you need PPE to help keep your employees and clients safe, visit this website to view available PPE products and order. 

Our agencies also offer on-site COVID-19 screening services that can be tailored to your company’s needs including:

  • Interview employees with health screening questions
  • Conduct temperature screenings
  • Document employee answers for HR files
  • Screen staff at the beginning of their shift
  • On-site COVID-19 screening services

How to order: 

  1. Visit and click on the Franworth and BrightStar Care PPE Program icon. 
  2. Fill out the registration form to set-up a new account. 
  3. Select “PPE_Franworth/BrightStar Care” as your Brand and enter “001” as the Store Number 
  4. Once your registration is complete, click the button that says “Continue to Shop” 


Message from our CEO and Founder, Shelly Sun

"We always want to do the right thing, so we have invested more than $2 million in PPE and vetted all sources thoroughly so that our franchisees can instead focus on their business. Our goal is to protect BrightStar Care clients and ensure that our offices' employees can continue providing the highest quality of in-home care during the pandemic. We also want to empower all businesses to truly make a difference in their local communities and taking the workload away from them when it comes to sourcing PPE frees them up to do what they do best." 


Process & Availability

All of our PPE is already housed and distributed from within the U.S. and varying expedited shipping options are available for you to choose from, while supplies last.

At-Cost Pricing & Shipping

Our priority is getting PPE to those who need it most,and that is why our products are priced at-cost. This no-mark-up strategy is intended to ease the burden of aquiring high-quality PPE versus fighting the marketplace fraud and supply chain bottlenecks you may have experienced.