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Home is the Best Place for Escondido Patients to Recover

How Home Health Care Helps Patients Recover at Home in Escondido / Rancho Bernardo / San Marcos

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Home care can improve patient outcomes after surgery or a medical procedure.  Care at home provides support at a time when hospitals are forced to alter the way they deliver care after surgery or treatment, which includes more outpatient services and consulting patients on line.

Improvement in home-based care comes as incentives created under the 2010 Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare, and it encourages cooperation among health-care providers, including hospitals, to reduce unnecessary health costs and keep people from being readmitted.

Patients can avoid costly trips to the hospital and have a Home Health Care provider regularly come to their home to assess safety risks and ensure there is a good quality of life through activities and medication reminders.

Research also shows there is an added physiological benefit for being at home during recovery, Patients who recover at home typically feel more comfortable than staying at a nursing facilities. Most all people say they would rather stay at home than in an uncomfortable hospital bed.

BrightStar Care of Escondido / Rancho Bernardo / San Marcos offers Transitional Care Services to monitor your recovery progress. Caregivers can provide transportation to and from rehab and doctor’s appointments, assist with everyday tasks, and provide respite care for family or other caregivers. At BrightStar Care, we offer the services and expertise to help you make a safe and healthy recovery at home, and lower the likelihood of a return trip to the hospital.