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A couple of weeks ago (3-16-2016) The Dark Act (Denying Americans The Right To Know) was rejected by the United States Senate meaning the bill would have prevented states from requiring labeling of genetically engineered (GMO) foods and stopped pending state laws that require labeling to go into effect. GMO’s are created when a gene from one species is transferred to another, creating something that would not be found in nature.

Now we will start having the right to know what is in our foods! It will be time to educate ourselves on what chemicals cause cancer and other illnesses and protecting ourselves by not purchasing those types of foods.

If this bill would of passed it would have ensured that big food processing companies and the biotechnology industry continue to profit by misleading consumers. Misrepresenting food labels on packages are made to deceive consumers into believing the foods they are purchasing are good for them.

Now you the consumer get to have control of actually knowing what is in or on your food. General Mills, Mars, and Kellogg’s are just a few companies who have come forward to start labeling the GMOs in their foods.

Foods that have GMO’s in them are covered with massive amounts of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. Humans should not be ingesting these poisons. One study found that the organs of rats who ate genetically modified potatoes showed signs of chronic wasting, and female rats fed a diet of herbicide-resistant soybeans gave birth to stunted and sterile pups.

This victory is one way we can create wellness in our lives. Living stress free knowing what’s in our food and choosing to participate in clean eating. Choosing to buy organic non GMO foods is the first step to treating your body with respect, real nourishment and love.