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Living a life of wellness

March 13th, 2016

bowlsflowerThese days many people use the word “wellness” frequently. However, what does one mean when they use the word wellness? In our opinion it is the total package of mind-body-spirit connection, your overall well-being. If one of these are out of balance we just feel a bit off and not completely ourselves.

There are many ways we can exercise our bodies and take care of our minds. One way is to keep stress off your mind and your entire body. You control your thoughts and can control the amount of stress you worry over.

Meditation is a common practice to help lower stress and bring relaxation to the body. Just starting with two minutes a day can help bring you back to balance and remove tension from the body. A great way to begin this practice is to find a comfortable seat, close your eyes and feel where there is tightness in your body, don’t judge it, just notice it. Breathe in the word; let, breathe out the word; go. Feel the flow of your breath as it moves throughout your body. There are also many guided meditations offered through Youtube that will guide you through a meditation if you are struggling with quieting your mind.

As we age we should be having 20 minutes of movement a day. This can include walking, yoga, tai chi, biking, some form of physical movement to help with our body. A doctor once shared with me that if each person would take time to walk for 20 minutes a day it would improve their physical body tremendously. It would help with some illnesses and aches and pains. If you include a workout buddy or a walking friend you are getting your social needs met at the same time!

To help empower our body we need to watch what we put into it. Less things like soda, fast foods, processed foods, and sugar. This also includes not putting things into your body like alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes. Imagine how you feel after eating wholesome foods compared to eating things filled with sugar. I don’t mean eat only things like salads, but organic foods that are not processed and are good for you. If you don’t know where to begin finding healthier foods, Pinterest is a great way to start following boards with healthy recipes! Set a goal for yourself to try one new recipe a week.

Each person’s connection to a higher power is different. It can mean so many different religions or faiths. Truly, in order to have the spirit connection is just to tap into a higher power, something bigger than yourself. Whatever your faith is that faith is the right one for you.

If you choose to live a well-balanced life then commit to feeling good, being good, and doing good. You attract what you are. Commit to making your life an expression of love and being mindful of your actions. By living in love and being mindful, life becomes an expression of peace, compassion, forgiveness, respect, and joy. Love lifts you to a higher state of consciousness and frees you from the thoughts, feelings, and actions that minimize or victimize you. Release the desires of the ego and surrender. Allow love to guide you, and the path to wellness will appear.


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