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In some parts of the world it is springtime! Here in Reno Nevada where Brightstar Reno is located, blossoms are on our trees and many people are all a buzz talking about gardening and getting outside to enjoy the warmer weather.

Springtime gives us a sense of renewal and recharge. However, how can we feel renewed when our home or workspace may create chaos for us. It is for our own well-being that as we age (any age really) we do not start to hoard material items.

The clearer our space the easier it is for energy, cleanliness, and peace of mind and serenity to be presented. Having a clear clean space also promotes mental and physical health. Coming home or awakening to a clear and clean space gives us a sense of accomplishment.

So where do we start with spring cleaning? Try getting rid of clutter one area at a time. If you overwhelm yourself with feeling that you have to clean the entire house on a Sunday afternoon and do not accomplish that task you may just give up and never get back to it. Which part of your home do you think needs the clutter removed the soonest? Start small and set a time limit. I will work on this area of my home from 2-3pm. Once 3pm arrives whether you are finished or not, stop what you are doing and give yourself a break or small reward for accomplishing your task (even a cup of tea). You can choose to go back and finish what you did not complete or make sure the entire project is completed by 3pm.

Change up your cleaning routine. If you use certain cleaning products try creating your own with natural products and essential oils (another way to feel more accomplished making your own) or try to use natural cleaning products if you are not already.

The items that are no longer needed from the area that you cleaned can be donated to a thrift store, homeless shelter, organization, or place of your choice. Choose to do something with those items that were creating clutter. Do not just move them to a different part of the house.

Creating a clear clean space is very important for your mental and physical well-being. It keeps stress off of you and brings a sense of peace to your entire being. Imagine how much happier you will be coming home from work or any activity!

Happy Spring!


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