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BrightStar Care of Richmond Holds Heart Failure CEU Event

February 28th, 2017

Heart Failure and Advanced Therapies - Continuing Education Class

BrightStar Care of Richmond recently held a tremendously successful CEU event, which focused on Heart Failure and Advanced Therapies.


Held on January 24, 2017, the Heart Failure program was presented by Dr. Andrew Keller, a specialist in Cardiomyopathy

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diagnosis and treatment, pulmonary hypertension and treatment, and Heart Transplant management and follow-up.
Dr. Keller is in practice with the Levinson Heart Failure Clinic.
He completed his Residency in Internal Medicine at Yale University Norwalk Hospital in Connecticut, and his Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine at St. Louis University School of Medicine.

Heart Failure is a major driver of morbidity in the U.S.
it is the number one reason for hospitalization in people over age 65, and more costly than all forms of cancer combined.
Prevention of hospital admission is a key issue in the reduction of the socioeconomic burden of chronic heart failure.
Due to the prevalence of Heart Failure, including its many comorbidities, the likelihood of health care practitioners being involved with the treatment of patients suffering from Heart Failure is quite high.
Having a working knowledge of Heart Failure, its various treatment alternatives, and what can be done to minimize the negative effects it has on the patient, can be extremely valuable.

In Dr. Keller’s presentation, he noted the various comorbidities prevalent with Heart Failure, as well as various types of Heart Failure, including differences and symptoms, and various catherizations and therapies used in treatment.
In addition, Dr. Keller aimed to establish in the audience an understanding of the goals in treatment of Heart Failure, and included a discussion of the treatments used, including ideal candidates for treatment, and barriers to various treatment alternatives.
In addition, the causes of readmission related to Heart Failure were reviewed, and discharge instructions specifically related to Heart Failure were discussed.