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Share Family Caregiver Tasks on CareTogether.com

A FREE Resource from BrightStar Care Sacramento / Rancho Cordova, CA

Family caregivers often work alone which can leave people feeling isolated. With upwards of 50 million people taking on the responsibility of caring for a loved one, that makes for a lot of people who could use some help. CareTogether® is a family caregiver website that provides all of the tools your family needs in one platform, allowing you to manage the care of your loved one and, most importantly, ask for help.

CareTogether® allows families to create a free, private page with everything they need to manage the care of their loved one. Family caregivers can add other family members to their “care team” to help manage appointments, delegate tasks, post updates and more-all from one platform. With a CareTogether® page, family caregivers have a free and secure resource for:

  • Managing appointments (and export to Outlook® and Google Calendar®)
  • Creating and delegating tasks to other family members
  • Writing journal entries and sharing photos
  • Sharing status updates (with the option to also post to Facebook, if desired)
  • Accessing helpful tools and even live care professionals near your loved one 24/7

If you have any questions, please contact BrightStar Care Sacramento / Rancho Cordova, CA