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Why Caregivers Should Incorporate Music Into The Care Schedule

By: Rob Dezso

Music is a universal language that awakens emotions even when you may not expect it too. The sound of a familiar song can get your feet tapping, your body swaying and memories returning.  In home caregivers note that music often unlocks hidden treasures in the brain of dementia or Alzheimer’s patient. However, music therapy should not be limited to this aging population.  The treatment has also proven to reduce and eliminate pain for those suffering from both acute and chronic pain.

Caregivers love to encourage seniors who have chosen to age in place to join in this musical experience.  Although your parent may enjoy attending a concert, or even exercise their voices in song, if they are housebound there are services that may come to them or transport them to these events.  Music is also being used with both physical and occupational therapy programs where records indicate that seniors tend to perform better and heal at a faster rate.

Your parent may find it difficult to communicate with you and your family and friends in the same manner as they have in the past. However, music often opens a dialogue that will bring life back into a world that is more comfortable for them.  Caregivers do not have all the answers as to why this works, but they have seen the aging respond, if even for a portion of a song or two.  The music encourages toe-tapping, hand-clapping, and a recall of the lyrics or a moment in their lives that is linked to that song. 

Caregivers report that music has even initiated conversations when mom or dad may typically not do much more than a grunt or groan.  Using the sounds of yesterday to break through and enhance your parent’s life is a natural activity to share and enjoy together.  For more in home care tips and tricks, or assistance gaining in place at home, contact our agency online or by calling (772) 400-9229.