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Famed Viva La DIVA's in Salt Lake City Visit Willow Creek AL

April 8th, 2019

Famed Viva La DIVA's Drag Show in Salt Lake City Visit To Willow Creek Assisted Living

Craig W. is a resident at The Wentworth at Willow Creek assisted living community. Following months of illness, bouncing back and forth to hospitals and rehab facilities, Craig was able to return home in late March with the help of BrightStar Care of Salt Lake City East and the team at Willow Creek. Craig spent his career in entertainment, and in his personal time enjoyed being on stage in drag shows, recalling that back in the 1980's guests weren't really sure what to expect in attending. Together, Craig's care teams arranged for "Cher" from the famed Via La DIVA's Drag Show in Salt Lake City to make an unexpected visit. Cher and Craig visited about his younger days doing shows and what goes into the extensive costuming these days! Many Thanks to Cher and the team at Via La DIVA's for making Craig's Day! His smile says it all!