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Go Purple San Francisco! - November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month!

November 13th, 2018

Go Purple San Francisco!

November is  Alzheimer’s Awareness Month!

The month of November is known as Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. President Ronald Reagan made that designation in 1983 and we are proud supporters of continued education and prevention. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, when Reagan initiated the month there were less than two million people with the disease. Through the years that number has grown to more than five million.  Let’s change these numbers!

Helping People with Alzheimer’s Disease in San Francisco
Although there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, there are things you can do to help a loved one, especially if the disease is still in its early stages. Here are some tips to help someone with Alzheimer's:

  • Keep a Daily Routine – This helps to avoid confusion and lets the person know what can be expected. Alzheimer’s patients like routines.
  • Don’t Overstimulate – Keep things simple. Say one thing at a time. Present only one idea so that the person can understand it the best they can.
  • Be Reassuring – Always try to make the person feel safe and comfortable. Sometimes even saying the words, “You are safe with me” is enough to make that person feel at ease.
  • Don’t Yell or Argue – As frustrated as you may get, imagine how the patient feels. They can no longer grasp what is going on inside their own heads. Don’t yell or argue out of frustration. Be the calming voice they need.

While you may be able to care for an Alzheimer’s patient in the early stages of the disease, doing so as it progresses can become more challenging. Many times the patient can present a danger to himself by wandering off or forgetting to turn off the stove. If this is the case it may be time to consider a caregiver to help monitor and manage the patient at home.

BrightStar Care of San Francisco / Marin County provides a full continuum of private duty home care services comprised of companionship, personal care, dementia care, transportation, medication assistance, skilled nursing and more to improve clients’ health and quality of life.  

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