Home care in Santa Barbara, CA

  • 510 Castillo Street
  • Suite 201
  • Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Infusion RN

BrightStar Care of Santa Barbara is currently providing infusion care for my child. They came highly recommended to us. I would highly recommend BrightStar. I like the owner; she works with us to find the right nurse for our situation. It is really seamless, and I don't feel the need to be there to bridge any personality or discomfort. Our current nurse Candace is very personable, and has built a rapport. She takes the time to say hello and helps him feel comfortable, prior to starting the IV.  She sits with him to make sure everything is fine. She went out on her own time to get braces for him. Her schedule is flexible, she is really easy-going, and has patience and has the IV expertise needed. In the beginning we were on the phone with the office a lot to figure out the right schedule and nurse. Now, everything has been seamless, there is not a need to do much follow-up. I couldn't ask for a better company to work with in this situation.  BrightStar has a really good level of nurses and staff. They are very hands-on. -K. Jones