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Best and Brightest - Multiple Nominations

By: Laura Nielsen

BrightStar Care Santa Barbara County/Santa Ynez is proud to announce its nominations for the 2022 Nurse and Caregiver of the Year. Our wonderful nurses and caregivers make a difference by demonstrating an inspiring level of compassion and dedication to our clients and their families across the Santa Barbara County/Santa Ynez area. Join us in congratulating them on the outstanding care they provide to our clients and patients. Here is the list of nominees and how long they have been members of the BrightStar Care family:

  • Amy N, Caregiver - 2 years 9 months. Amy has been with Don and his late wife for most of this time. Don stated in his nomination how she helped him during the loss of his wife, dealing with rehabilitation from a back injury and surgery. "Amy is the organizer of much of my daily life. She is attentive, responsive, gentle and totally observant of my needs." Don continued to say, "At the present time Amy helps allay concerns of my family about my well-being. They are all very busy people and I do not want to be a burden to them. Thus far we have succeeded in maintaining my independence. Amy is crucial to attaining this goal."
  • Katherine P, Caregiver - 1 year 8 months. Katherine "Kat" is loved by everyone she is with. The person nominating was a daughter of a client and she stated that having Kat as a caregiver allows her father to remain in his home and in control of his daily schedule.
  • Marietta G, Caregiver - 2 years 3 months. Marietta has been with one client for the majority of her time with BrightStar. The nomination was submitted by the granddaughter. She stated that her grandmother did not want the help and the family made having a caregiver a condition of staying in her home. When Marietta arrived for her first shift, the two of them clicked and she is the only one she wants to see. It is no longer about care, but about the person. Marietta thank you for provided that Person Centered Care!
  • Candice L, Registered Nurse - 3 years 2 months. Candice is an excellent Infusion Nurse. She was nominated twice. Her patient Deborah said this about her in nomination letter. "Candice deserves to be recognized because she is exceptional. As I tell my pharmacist, I cannot imagine having anyone better to do IVIG. She makes sure that everything that needs to be done is done, including supplies and inventory done thoroughly and well. It is important to have confidence in a person who gives you your IVIG. It is a challenging procedure...always done so well." - Deborah W. Another one of her patients wanted to nominate Candice as well. "Candice has become a part of my family and I've pseudo-adopted her three young children. We celebrate birthdays, graduations, and Christmas, as they fall on the two days a month Candice comes to administer and monitor my infusion. Her presence in my home has added to and enhanced the laughter and joy. My granddaughters look forward to my infusion days even if it's just to say hi and ask how her kids are doing. And, even though I'm a hard stick; Candice skillfully employs what she's learned in her field and honing the tricks of the trade completes the task." - Cathy M.
  • Nancy G, RN - 1 year. Her patient stated in her nomination that she deserves to be recognized because of her "experice, great technique, and kind. She is a wonderful human being...and she is top of anyones desire for a nurse. We are all comfortable with her. I love her and wish I could take her to with me when I move." - Evona L.
  • Annie Gonzales, MSN, RN, DON - 3 years 1 month. Annie has been with BrightStar as our Lead Infusion Nurse and Director of Nursing (DON). She received two nominiations. Emily W. has had Annie as her nurse for almost 2 years. Here is what she said in her nomination, “Annamarie is professional, caring, and companionate. I love Annie…she is super smart, sweet, made me feel comfortable since I met her. She is just very caring and sweet. For me makes everything easy in getting ahold of her and arranging my appointments. She is straight forward, simple, easy.”

Stay tuned...more to come!​

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