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Our Care Team

Our experienced team of talented and compassionate caregivers can assist you with this enormous and overwhelming challenge of caring for a loved one.

Director of Operations | Jackie Barton, MBA

Hello, I am Jackie Barton, the Director of Operations.My job is to oversee operations to make sure things run smoothly to support the client, families, office and field staff. I began my journey working in Home Care when my mother began aging and developed Dementia, Sundowners, and then Alzheimer’s. I understand the issues the family and friends go through.I understand a parent not wanting to leave their home.

I love being able to provide a service that makes people’s lives better, happier, and safer.

Office Manager | Debbie Hoyle, B.S.

Hi, I am Debbie Hoyle.I am the office manager and have been with Brightstar Care for 8 years. I came to see the importance of home care after my mother was diagnosed with lung-cancer. My family and I took care of her while she was going through chemotherapy, radiation, and later under Hospice care. Because of that it helped me to realize how important it is, and how time-consuming it is to care for a family member.

I understand now the importance of a professional certified nursing assistant in helping to relieve some of the stress and time constraints upon on the family.

Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable | Gale Clementi

Hi, I am Gale Clementi. I am in charge of Accounts Payable, Accounts receivable and medical coding. I make sure everyone is billed accurately and we have all the necessary information to process payments. Home health care offers the privilege of making a difference in the lives of clients and their families. I enjoy the personal relationships we build and the sense of accomplishment that comes with knowing we are enhancing an individual’s quality of life. Home health care providers change lives by helping their clients to remain safe and comfortable in their own homes and communities.