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Our Tucson / Sierra Vista Care Team

Compassion, integrity, family, excellence, trustworthiness, accountability, and diversity at BrightStar Care Sierra Vista

In the Sierra Vista and Tucson area, the lifeblood of our business are the people who make it happen. Our office staff and caregivers work together day in and day out to deliver quality care and exceptional service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether it's childcare, adult home care or skilled elder care, the people who make up BrightStar Care Sierra Vista are our greatest assets. But don't just take our word for it, see for yourself.



Allyn Nock
Owner, RN, BSN

Allyn has a bachelor’s degree in nursing and is one of the owners of the BrightStar Care in Tucson & Sierra Vista, AZ. He started his nursing career in the U.S. Army in 1993 and specializes in critical care and emergency room. Allyn first discovered BrightStar while searching for quality caregivers for his own grandfather. Unhappy with the choices available, he widened his investigation and became very interested in BrightStar. Allyn maintains an active healthy lifestyle through a myriad of outdoor sports. Allyn is most proud of employing over 150 staff and providing a long term care option for thousands of families’ over the past nine years.

Michelle Nock
Owner, RN, MSN

Michelle Nock has been a Registered Nurse for since 1980. She loves being a nurse and making others feel better. She has experience in acute care hospital settings, trauma, surgery, labor & delivery, pediatrics, radiology and Home Healthcare. One of Michelle’s favorite skills is in educating clients to best help themselves and maintain as much independence as possible. She believes that Home health has been a blessing in giving her the opportunity to help others at some of the most difficult times of their lives. Helping new parents cope with an ill child or helping adult children care for a dying parent at home, both events are so significant, and she feels it an honor to help others through such difficult times. Michelle obtained her Master’s in Nursing with a focus on Healthcare Education because she loves to teach. In her current role she is able to teach clients and employees. She finds it so rewarding to be help our clients recover and our employees maintain livelihoods.  Owning a business where she can help clients in the comfort of their own home and support employees has been Michelle’s most gratifying role as a nurse.

Salona Perez-Germain

Salona Perez-Germain joined the BrightStar family full time, as the new DON in July 2021.  Salona has been a dedicated member of the Brightstar team, as a PRN nurse, for over 5 years.  Salona desired to join the medical field when she was teenager, by watching the compassion and selflessness of the in-home health nurses and team, that collaborated together to care for her uncle who was currently dying of a terminal illness.   This created a spark in her, that made her want to devote her life to caring for others.  Salona became a phlebotomist in 2002, then furthering her education to receive her LPN in 2007, and her RN in 2011.  She brings a wide range of knowledge including 14 years of nursing experience to Brightstar Care.  Her experience is vast and includes, long term care, hospice, home care, acute care, perioperative care, and behavioral health.  She is very passionate about providing the absolute best care and being an advocate for her clients and their families.  In Salona’s spare time she enjoys, horseback riding and watching the sunset with her family.

Christina Durr
Branch Manager, Sierra Vista

Christina focuses on the day-to-day wellness of our clients and goes out of her way to help them thrive at home. By working closely with caregivers, clients, and clients’ families, Christina has the opportunity to ensure happy, fulfilling days for our clients’ lives. Christina joined the BrightStar team in 2014, and has been an asset to our growth in Sierra Vista. She has been a part of the Sierra Vista community since she was a child, and is well known in the local health care community. Christina learned the rewards of helping others while working in home health care and hospice since she was 16. She brings enthusiasm, professionalism, and diverse health care experience to our team. Christina has the desire to make a difference at BrightStar and throughout the local community because, for her this is not a job, this is her passion!

Viola Lizarraga
Service Coordinator, Sierra Vista

Viola got into the Healthcare field at a young age while she was still in high school.  She started by working with children with developmental disabilities.  She always imagined the children did not have a disability, but a super power that made them special. That is when she found out her dream was to have a job that always puts others first and help them in every way possible.  After high school, Viola started working with a company that worked with different ages of people with super powers in a group home setting.  In 2017, Viola joined the BrightStar family as a caregiver.  She loved having the opportunity to work with individuals one on one in their home helping them get to and use their full potential. In March 2018, the office noticed how much compassion and empathy Viola had for her clients and asked her to join us full time in the office as our Scheduling Coordinator.  She gladly accepted the position, and she now loves that she has the opportunity to help all of our clients instead of just one.           

Lisa Stout
Branch Manager, Tucson

Lisa Stout has worked in healthcare since 2007.  Lisa is a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), Patient Care Technician (PCT), and a Certified Care Giver.  Lisa started her career as a CNA/PCT in the hospital setting working with pediatric patients.  She has also worked in hospice, skilled nursing facilities, and assisted living homes.  In time, Lisa had the opportunity to take what she had learned in the field and apply those skills in Home Health administration as an Intake Specialist for a Medicare and a non-Medicare agency.  In September of 2014, Lisa joined BrightStar Care as the Intake Specialist in the Tucson office.  In April of 2017 she was promoted to the Tucson Branch Manager.  Lisa found her passion in the medical field at a young age due to the poor health of a close family member.   As a result, Lisa has made it her mission to serve everyone with passion and compassion.  

Gayle Moyer
HR/Recruiting, Tucson/Sierra Vista 

Gayle Moyer is the Human Resources Recruiting Coordinator for the Tucson and Sierra Vista offices for  BrightStar Care.  Gayle joined the company in June, 2021.  Gayle graduated form the University of Akron with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Management with a concentration in Human Resources.  She brings over ten years of recruiting and generalist experiences in the health care industry.  Along with enjoying giving people an opportunity to care for others, Gayle enjoys gardening, hiking and her family.   

Jessica Lurkins
Intake Coordinator, Tucson

Jessica Lurkins came aboard with BrightStar Care this year in March, and accepted the position as Intake Coordinator. Having invested over 30 years in the health care industry, either as a nurse, or in management positions, I remain very passionate about quality care, and enjoy being part of patient advocacy.  Jessica obtained her education from City University of New York Cornell, and was offered an Athletic Scholarship both in softball and basketball; where she received her BSN in Nursing and an MA in Health Care Administration. Jessica relocated back to this area from the East Coast last December, after being gone for nearly 20 years. Jessica at one time or another has owned a restaurant and a Home Health Agency while living out East. Jessica’s husband is a retired golf course Class-A Superintendent.  Jessica has two sons; one is a professional golf caddy and travels majority of his time and the other is an Elementary Principal. I have 3 amazing granddaughters; who are delightful to say the least. In my spare time I enjoy golfing, and supporting our granddaughters in their sports, love cooking and have been blessed to travel throughout the country and abroad. Along with our family, are our 8 dogs in which are shown professionally in the confirmation ring. I have been showing various breeds for over 50 years; and my desire is to obtain my AKC judging accreditation, and enjoy this during retirement years. My success and happiness are due to Faith and God’s Blessings.