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Caregivers in Minneapolis | Bloomington, MN

Caregivers in Minneapolis | Bloomington, MN

Our people are our greatest asset. Every BrightStar Care caregiver is here because, to them, caring is more than just a job — it’s a way of life. Helping people is their passion. It’s what makes them truly shine. Because they know that, every day, they make a real difference by bringing more to life — more laughter, more time, more comfort, more support, more peace of mind. Caring for people is more than a career. It’s a calling. Our caregivers in Minneapolis become a part of our clients’ lives. We provide the highest quality care to people when they are most vulnerable and need our help. We understand this and that’s why we maintain the highest hiring standards and our caregivers are among the best in the industry. We make sure our clients feel comfortable and live their best. The devotion our caregivers bring is what makes us different, and is the driving force behind our creativity, collaboration and innovation. There’s nothing our compassionate care professionals won’t do to make more possible in the lives of others. At BrightStar Care Minneapolis, we go above and beyond in everything we do, to not only provide a service, but to provide a higher quality of life. Learn more about our caregiver screening practices. Or, learn more about how we recognize caregiver excellence each and every year througMedical Staffing Solutionsh our National Caregiver of the Year program. Caregivers in Minneapolis, Bloomington, St Louis Park, Edina, Eden Prairie, Fort Snelling, Nikomis, Golden Valley, and Richfield, Minnesota. Contact BrightStar Care Minneapolis or Call  (952) 300-3698 Today!

Caregiver Spotlight!  Kiana W.

My name is Kiana Wallace ,on my spare time I like to do research on mental health,medicines, wound cares and different disabilities as I want to some day become a nurse. I have been a caregiver for 21 years and have worked in many establishments like assisted livings ,nursing homes and home care . I enjoy home care because I have the opportunity to help keep people happily stay in their homes as long as possible. I enjoy being that person to help keep people at home where they want to be. Caregiving is my passion. I believe the most important thing in being a successful caregiver is being attentive, having empathy,compassion,patience and understanding, and keeping a smile on your face. I believe this will get you a long way in home care in successfully keeping loved ones in their homes.
One of my most memorable experiences in being a home health aide was with a husband and wife client. I go and help the husband get dressed in the mornings. I remember he had been telling me his wife was getting dementia and he felt like she was getting worse. This one particular morning I pulled up in front of the home  and I saw the wife walking out the door and down the side walk. I turned off my car and got out. I slowly approach her by saying her name and I asked her where she was going.  She told me she was going to Cub. I told her, "well, It's very cold out here, why don't we go back in and get some warm clothes on and I will go with you after I'm done getting your husband dressed?" She looked at me and said " You have time to do all of that?",I said "You bet I do". She smiled and said ok, so we went back in the house and I got the husband dressed then helped her get dressed. By the time we were done she looked at me and said " Thank you for helping me because  I was tired". She had forgotten all about going to the store. The husband was very thankful because he could hear her but could not get out of bed without assistance. He was very pleased. He said "How did you get her to come in?"  I told him and he gave me a big hug with tears in his eyes. I called the agency and I was able to help getting the wife assistance as well.  They lived happily in their home with home care until they both passed away at home, happy with me taking care of them within a year apart. They would have never been able to stay at home with out home care. And that's my story in being that one person that made a difference in someone's life.