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April 22nd, 2016

We have been sold remedies for what ails us forever despite the side effects. In 1885 Toothache drops with the main ingredient Cocaine was hailed as an instant cure. Of course it was... the cocaine would numb a child's entire body and keep them quiet for hours! Moms thought it was a miracle "drug". Fast forward 130 years and we know a lot more about the side effects of drugs. Eleven of the top 30 TV advertised prescription drugs have been removed due to serious side effects. Physicians surveyed felt pressured to prescribe advertised drugs over a less expensive generic. Patients have lost faith in their doctors believing the commercial claims more than what the doctor says! Many ads take a shotgun blast approach covering a wide variety of potential customers and conditions. Your doctor understands your condition although it may be common to others with a remedy specifically aimed at the bulls eye. Read the side effects because the voice over during commercials talks so fast no one really hears them. They range from … some experienced weight gain to death!

Topics: Senior Care