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What is the difference between private duty and home health?

July 18th, 2016

Providing care for an elderly parent can be a daunting task. Understanding the jargon of Hospice, Home Health and Private Duty can be difficult even for the most educated care givers. Why? All three of these have overlap and understanding where one service ends and another begins can crucial in the overall health of a loved one.
Home Health

Home Health sometimes referred to as "Skilled Care" is a service that lasts over a 60-day period. The visits are often 2-3 times a week and included nurses, physical therapists and other professionals. Home health is covered 100% by Medicare. What if your loved one needs more care? That is where Private duty can fill in.
Private Duty

Private Duty can include both skilled and non-skilled assistance. There is no limit on duration like Home Health Services. It can range from companion care once a week for an hour up to 24/7 care provided by an RN. Private duty is not covered by Medicare, however, it can be used in junction with LTC insurance.
When is Private Duty the Best Option?

Home health is a benefit that ever person should take full advantage of, but sometimes it’s just not enough. What if mom is discharged on Monday and home health can't make it to her home until Wednesday? Private duty can supplement the care and make sure she's not alone. What if 2-3 hours a week is not enough for dad or He needs help with transportation.
What are some times to start thinking about Private Duty Care?

  • Anytime a loved one receives a new diagnosis
  • Discharge from a Hospital of Skilled Nursing Facility
  • After a fall or when a fall is suspected
  • New prescription of medication especially blood thinners
  • After a loss
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