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Our Stamford Care Team

In Stamford , the lifeblood of our business are the people who make it happen. Our office staff and caregivers work together day in and day out to deliver quality care and exceptional service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether it’s childcare, adult homecare or elder care, the people who make up Stamford BrightStar are our greatest assets. But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself.Ray Boller | Owner/PresidentCaregiving is in Ray’s DNA:  son of a physician and a nurse, brother to nurses, Ray is well tuned to the needs of clients and caregivers alike. And after a long corporate career, Ray decided to carry on his family’s tradition and opened the Stamford/Greenwich BrightStar branch in 2010. A 20-year resident of Fairfield County, Ray is active in local church and athletic organizations and is a well-known figure among the area’s medical facilities and practitioners. “We’ve assembled an amazing team of caregivers and are enjoying tremendous success providing top quality services to our clients,” Ray said. “It’s heartwarming to see what a change we are bringing  to people’s lives by helping them stay in their own homes, with caregivers who bring warmth and cheerfulness along with their professional skills.”Daisy Cruz | Nurse Supervisor Daisy Cruz From the moment our clients first meet Daisy, she brings smiles to their faces.  Calm, gentle and professional, Daisy puts our clients at their ease as she gathers information to prepare for each one a personalized Plan of Care.  Her own hands-on experience with home care, community care and nursing makes her uniquely qualified to understand the needs of clients, and she applies those skills and knowledge to ensure our clients have compatible, consistent and appropriate care. “Its all about listening and communicating,”  Daisy advises.   “We first listen closely to our clients and their families, and then we go the extra mile to make sure their needs and concerns are always the primary force in all our interaction. “Ryan Boller | Branch Manager ??????????????????????????????? As BrightStar of Stamford has grown, so too have the demands on our business to innovate, remain competitive in our field, and be a reliable employer for our field staff.   Finding ways to streamline and improve our processes for payroll, billing, automation, employee credential tracking and overall keeping the office running smoothly and handling inquiries from clients and caregivers alike is the focus of our Branch Manager, Ryan. Ryan brings an accounting degree, several years’ experience in a large corporate setting. and a charming sense of humor to this endeavor.   “I derive great satisfaction from working with our field employees, making sure their compensation is accurate and on-time, and helping improve the overall quality of our services by having systems in place that help them do their job well,” says Ryan.Juliana Milbrun | Customer Care Manager Juggling the schedules of our more than 85 caregivers and the daily changing needs and preferences of our clients, Juliana is a master of multi-tasking, diplomacy and planning.  She applies skills and knowledge gained through her own experience as a scheduler  and customer service representative  at different New York health care facilities, along with natural cheerfulness and compassion, to make sure all clients and aides are happily compatible. To ensure we have a full field of caregivers available at any time, Juliana conducts a rigorous recruitment and screening program, seeking out the most qualified candidates for our clients. “Scheduling is all about matching the right caregiver to each client,” Juliana says.   “We cover everything from bath visits to 12-hour shifts to overnights and live-in assignments.   We start with fully qualified staff, and then work from there with confidence that both client and caregiver will be comfortable.”

BrightStar Stamford Selected for 2014 Top Customer Satisfaction Award

Jen and Jodey Customer Service Award At the Annual BrightStar Leadership Conference last week in Nashville, BrightStar of Stamford received the prestigious Top Customer Satisfaction Award for 2014.  Only four from among the 250 plus U.S. BrightStar branches achieved this designation. In announcing the awards, BrightStar National CEO Shelly Sun cited these criteria:  “There are few things more important in our industry than providing top customer service and we have four offices who are being recognized for doing just that.  Offices in this category have exhibited superior customer service to their clients, have achieved outstanding return rates and scores on their patient impact surveys and have excellent ratings on their customer retention.  Their enthusiasm to please their customers is a shining example of who we are at BrightStar Care.”

Agnes B.

Employee of the Month – August 2016

BrightStar of Stamford is delighted to honor Agnes B. our August 2016 Employee of the Month. Since Agnes joined BrightStar in September 2012, she has consistently carried out her duties as a CNA at an exceptional level.   She brings to her work a cheerful disposition, a thorough understanding of her clients’ needs, fantastic clinical skills and an inspiring sense of responsibility.   She gives her undivided attention to her client and the family she lives with as a live-in.   She has also established an excellent record of communication and thoroughness of her reports to the office and our nursing staff. Many thanks to you, Agnes, for your extraordinary efforts on behalf of BrightStar and our clients.

Marilyn R.

Employee of the Month – April 2017

  Hats off to April Employee of the Month Marilyn R! A one year veteran of BrightStar, Marilyn’s warmth, courtesy and unceasing attention to her clients make her a favorite with clients and their families.  She quickly learns her clients’ preferences and routines and helps make sure that they are able to continue doing the things they love. Her professionalism extends to her attention to administrative detail – we are always certain to have her time sheets, care notes and mileage expense on time. Overall, Marilyn has been a valuable contributor to our mission of providing top quality care Many thanks, Marilyn, for your exceptional service.

Olga H.

Employee of the Month – May 2017


Congratulations to our May Employee of the Month Olga H! Olga joined BrightStar of Stamford in January 2015 and has worked as a live-in aide in an assisted living facility with the same client for the past 27 months.   She has consistently demonstrated extraordinary care and compassion for her client, has been a cheerful and positive ambassador for BrightStar at the facility, has graciously accommodated her care team members’ schedules and needs for time off,  and has established an excellent record of communication and thoroughness. Many thanks, Olga, for your exceptional service!

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