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Care for Seniors in West Houston Can Prevent Depression

June 28th, 2014

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Did you know that "seniors are particularly vulnerable during their golden years" to depression? (mySeniorCare, 2010) It sounds like some sort of horrible joke because the golden years are meant to be happy, carefree, and enjoyable; however, this time in life happens to coincide with some unavoidable realities - friends and even family members begin to pass away, children may move away, and health begins to decline. All of these things can add up to depression, and many people are unaware that they are depressed rather than ill.

As an example, depression can mimic a lot of different things that tend to occur as we age - our appetites decrease, we are easily fatigued, and we may have trouble focusing or concentrating. Our families may not even notice the symptoms because they see us often enough to overlook changes.

This is one of the main reasons that care for seniors in West Houston is such a great resource. The people who provide in home health care are trained to watch for the most common signs of depression, and to then take steps to address the situation.

Here is a good example: A provider of care for seniors in West Houston might notice that a client has let some food spoil in the refrigerator. They will ask the client if they disliked the food and if their appetite is okay. Should they see any sort of warning signs of depression, they will work with the client to remedy the situation. The providers of in home health care in West Houston also monitor other issues as well.

For example, in addition to gauging if a client is depressed, they might note that a new medication is having an unusual effect, or they might see that the classic signs of sleep and aging are appearing. This could be that their client is always tired because they are sleeping in a chair or falling asleep in front of a television. The role of the provider of home healthcare is to address such bad sleep habits in order to provide their client with the best outcome.

Do those offering care for seniors automatically do this wide range of services? No, you must be selective in your choice for home healthcare in West Houston; however, when you take the time to find attentive providers, you can be sure that issues such as medication, depression, and sleep and aging are addressed at all times - especially the golden years.

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