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BrightStar Care of the Main Line Caregiver Spotlight: Jean Albrecht, Director of Nursing

A little bit about Jean Albrecht:

Jean is the director of nursing at BrightStar Care of the Main Line. Jean is 38 years old with 19 years of Pediatric ICU experience. She is now transitioning into the adult home care setting. Recently, Jean obtained her BSN from Drexel University. She loves interacting with patients from all ages, and has some experience in home care due to my son needing skilled nursing for 2 years in her home. Jean enjoys running, playing soccer, shopping, spending time with her family, and cooking! For fun, she loves spending time outdoors - especially when the weather is warm. She claims she would move to California if she could!

What have been your most impactful moments in your time at BrightStar Care of the Main Line so far?

So far my experience at BrightStar as the Director of Nursing has been wonderful. I have had such positive experiences with many families who we provide care for. I recently went to a patient's home who is in his 90’s and in hospice care. Although he is not verbal, his wife let me know that the caregiver they have, Keith, is so wonderful and puts a smile on his face. He is the only person that can shave the client as well, which means a lot to his wife. It was so wonderful to hear that BrightStar Care was tangibly impacting our clients and their families.

I just took on a case in which I went to give an injection for a client who needs them every 28 days. His usual nurse was out due to Covid, so as an emergency I was called to come to do the injection. He was so grateful for me because if I was not able to give the injection then he would have had to travel to Penn Hospital. This saved him a major ordeal. These are two examples of why I love my job! Helping people in any way is my passion and I hope I continue to do so.