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Among the elderly population, congestive heart failure is the number one reason for hospital readmissions.
Here are some tips to keep your heart health in check:

  1. Check you blood pressure daily;
  2. Exercise 30 minutes daily;
  3. Eat healthy: Fruit and vegetables, multi-grains, seafood, lean meat and beans are good choices);
  4. Keep your weight in check
  5. Keep track of your sodium intake
  6. Manage stress: Exercise, deep breathing, daily walks
  7. Stop smoking
  8. Take your medication prescribed by your doctor
  9. Watch your cholesterol
  10. Listen to your doctor

At BrightStar Care, our caregivers are trained and aware of how to treat patients with heart problems.
Through competency testing and training, they learn the overall functions of the heart, causes and symptoms of heart failure and how to help our patients with managing stress and fatigue. By working with the patient's doctor, we can help you live a higher quality of life.

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