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Meet Our Valparaiso, IN 2015 Nurse of the Year Nominee

April 24th, 2015

Every day, a growing number of dedicated nurses care for aging adults and people with complex medical needs inside their homes, administering daily medications, providing relief from the symptoms and stress of a serious illness, and managing personalized plans of care.
To pay tribute to the specialized and tireless work of thousands of nurses throughout the network, BrightStar Care launched a national Nurse of the Year program to recognize the nurses who are working hard to deliver A Higher Standard of Home Care each and every day.
This year, our Field Nurse Cindy Scott was nominated. Here is the nomination letter about Cindy:

BrightStar Care® of Valparaiso, Indiana is proud to nominate Cindy Scott as our Nurse of the Year Nominee. Cindy goes above and beyond for us in so many ways; she is always willing to pick up short notice shifts (even after working a 12 hour hospital shift), help out our DON on assessments and supervisory visits, and even pick up some HHA shifts when our office is in a pinch.
Cindy goes out of her way to share her experiences as a mentor to other nurses, always being the loudest cheerleader, because she knows the rewards of being a nurse, and the work it involves.

When one thinks of Cindy, many words come to mind.
Cindy had to balance a full time teaching position with her dedication to obtain her RN degree, all the while being a single mother of 4 children.
Her success has clearly been driven by dedication, determination, and personal and professional improvement.

Her compassion, dedication, and empathy for her clients is evident every day.
Care is both technical and personal for Cindy.
She takes the time to educate the client and their family as to the disease and challenges they will be facing.
Her technical and personal communication skills are excellent as the clients will only request Cindy for return visits.
They love her as do the families of the clients. 

BrightStar Care is extremely proud of our Nominee Cindy Scott.
She has been with us from the beginning, not only helping us, but also going the extra mile for our clients and neighboring BrightStar Care® locations.
With innovative ways of looking at situations, Cindy is always grounded, unflappable, and unwavering when she has a pressing situation.
Her concern is with her patient and their care first.

Cindy is the epitome of what nursing should be...

Without Cindy Scott?

Without Cindy Scott, a client’s family could not have said good bye to their husband/father
Cindy was assigned to a workers compensation case involving a diabetic with an open leg wound (in addition to upper body trauma).
Relatively quickly into the care for this client, Cindy identified some key issues with the plan of care that the doctor had not addressed.
She took the client to the ER as the infection and tissue deterioration was significant.
This action allowed the doctor to address the infection in a timely manner and save the clients leg.
Further into the treatment, Cindy noticed some cardiovascular related issues.
She set up an appointment for the client at a cardiologist whom identified and began treating the client’s cardiovascular disease.
During a follow up visit to the hospital, accompanied by Cindy, the client went into the rest room.
Noticing that the client was taking a bit too long, Cindy went into the rest room and found the client on the floor with cardiac arrest.
She called for help and performed CPR reviving the client.
The client did pass away the next day, however, her efforts bought the client and his family that one extra day to allow all of them to say their good byes. 

Without Cindy Scott, BrightStar of Valparaiso would not be as efficient.
Our DON efficiency is enhanced through the help and efforts of Cindy.
Taking on the additional responsibilities of client assessments and caregiver supervisory visits allows our DON to focus on our improvement processes.
These efforts by Cindy paid tremendous dividends to our office as our DON time was being consumed by scheduling and care issues (including helping get a new Scheduler orientated and up to speed).

Without Cindy Scott, many clients in difficult to serve and underserved areas would go without the skilled nursing care they need.

Many times, Cindy has gone above and beyond to service clients, within our territory, and outside our territory when no one else was available.
Whether it is 50 miles away, middle of the night assignments or in an underserved/difficult to serve area of need, Cindy is there. 

Without Cindy Scott, MSC’s client care costs would be higher.
Of course revenue and margin are key drivers for any business.
A bigger driver though is integrity.
There are many examples of Cindy being approved by MSC (and other National Accounts) for multiple infusion or wound care visits.
Upon her first visit, Cindy assesses the client’s capabilities and on a number of occasions was able to self-train the client thereby eliminating the need for future visits.
Upon release of the future visits by MSC, Cindy does not release herself from her own accountability to that client.
She takes the extra step to follow up with the client to insure they are indeed performing their self-care satisfactorily. 

Without Cindy Scott, many clients would do the wrong thing
Both a heart of gold and a thick skin are always present with Cindy (of course as a single mother of 4, she has a lot of experience).
It is wonderful to watch Cindy handle a client that is absolutely insisting that they do not need help.
The verbal tirades that some clients put on her is amazing, however, it rolls off her back with Cindy eventually able to convince the client that they need the care, and that Cindy is the one that is going to help them.
In addition to getting the clients the care they need, Cindy is able to demonstrate to others in the office the proper way to provide excellent customer support and service.
She sets a great example to our office staff. 

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