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2017 Award Winner for Best Home Care Provider

Awarded Leader in Excellence, Provider of Choice, and Employer of Choice Award Winner for 2017

We at Brightstar Care of Venice are so proud to announce that we have received the 2017 Best of Home Care Leader in Excellence award.
Additionally we were awarded the 2017 provider of choice and employer of choice for out 2nd consecutive year!!
These awards are only given to the very top ranking home care providers in the nation.
Home Care Pulse awards the certification and awards based on satisfaction scores.
Home Care Pulse is an independent satisfaction research firm for home care.
By receiving these rewards Brightstar Care of Venice is ranked among a very select group of home care providers across the country that have demonstrated the ability to exceed customer expectations with providing exceptional high quality home care.

Best of Home Care Leader in Excellence 2017 award winner.Best of Home Care Provider of Choice 2017 Award Winner.Best of Home Care Employer of Choice Award Winner.

Aaron Marcum, CEO and Founder of Home Care Pulse offers his congratulations through this statement about
Brightstar Care of Venice, “Since this award is based on client feedback, it demonstrates their dedication to providing the highest quality of care with a focus on client satisfaction. We are pleased to recognize Brightstar Care of Venice’s dedication to quality professionalism and expertise in home care.


Home Care Pulse conducts monthly phone interviews with the clients of Home Care Provider companies to provide valuable feedback on the level of care they provide.
Home Care Pulse sends out a monthly report card with scores based upon those phone interviews.
At the end of the year those monthly scores are tallied up and the very best of the best receive the honor of being 2017 award recipients.
Brightstar Care of Venice has now won the prestigious award for 2 consecutive years (2016 & 2017).


Brightstar Care of Venice Business Owners Jim and Lisa Marie are extremely proud of the quality of care their teams provide to their clients.
They truly have a hand’s on approach when it comes to expressing their passion for providing top quality level home car as evidenced in the following review provided by David J. Dennehy.

Our Commitment to Providing the best Quality Care to our Clients.

Here are David’s recent Google+ Review Comments on the excellence in care that Brightstar of Venice and Port Charlotte Provide, “After my father had moved into an Assisted Living Facility, Gardens of Venice, it was discovered that he had lost his ability to swallow properly and was at risk of bacterial pneumonia due to silent aspiration. The decision was made to have a PEG tube put in place and that he would be fed via that device. After the tube was installed he went to a Skilled Nursing Facility for 8 weeks. During that time, we determined that once he was back at Gardens of Venice he would need to have someone come in to feed him via bolus and to crush his many medications and send them through the tube too. We did our research and settled on two firms. BrightStar Care of Venice and Port Charlotte was the one we chose. There were several reasons for this. First and primarily, was that the other firm sent out a salesperson. BrightStar sent their owner, a registered nurse, Lisa Marie Swiatkowski. She showed tremendous apathy right from the get go. She examined my father and spoke softly and kindly. It was her demeanor that was another reason for our choice of BrightStar as our provider. As with any situation that puts folks in close personal contact, early on we had a personnel issue. Nothing world shattering but Dad just didn’t care personally for one of his nurses. He wanted a change and I contacted Lisa Marie. She completely understood the issue and rearranged the personnel and schedules. Once when we were visiting Dad just prior to his one o’clock feeding, Lisa Marie herself came to care for him because she encourages her employees to continue their educations and his regularly scheduled nurse had a test to take so Lisa Marie stepped in to take charge of the situation. As Dad’s condition worsened we found ourselves in a position where we needed a personal caretaker for the overnight as he was starting to go on disoriented forays in the early morning hours and he was uncooperative with the facility’s staff. Once more BrightStar had the resources to accommodate our needs. Once more we had to adjust the personnel but, as before, it was accomplished smoothly and quickly. I cannot commend Lisa Marie and her caring staff enough for the sensitive, personal care that they provided Dad in the last months of his life. I would strongly recommend BrightStar of Venice and Port Charlotte to anyone who finds themselves in need of private duty skilled nursing.”


Jim, Lisa Marie, and the Brightstar Care of Venice Staff will take a moment to celebrate this distinguished award but know that the work is only beginning.
They continue to focus on driving improvements and striving to increase the level of professional, compassionate, quality health care services that clients have come to expect. Brightstar Care of Venice and Port Charlotte the best home health care provider in Florida.

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