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Attending the 9th Annual Butterfly Release

At BrightStar, we understand that our clients are more than a doctor’s diagnosis. Our person-centered approach to care engages people holistically, which often includes building relationships with not just the clients we serve, but their families as well. Today we were privileged to have been invited to attend VNA of Philadelphia’s 9th annual Butterfly Release and Community Celebration of Life. VNA’s social mission includes partnerships with organizations that provide multi-faceted care to the local community – from food pantries to personal hygiene drives. Sifting through paperwork in the office is great, but we shine on the field! We had a great time socializing with the community and playing a pretty intense game of cornhole with some little BrightStars. Not to worry though; our phones are pocketed 24/7 and we’re ready to deploy in case you need services right away.

Butterfly-Release.jpgGood to see you, Jill!

Water-Ice-Man.jpgThis gentleman's sense of humor was as refreshing as the water ice!

Cornhole-high-five.jpgHigh five for a good game, little BrightStar!

Pupperfly.jpg Sometimes person centered care comes with a little (or a LOT) of fur - and we're okay with that.

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