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2021 Social Workers Month in Portland

Time to Thank A Social Worker

Here is why Social Workers are vital and why we thank them:

During the Coronavirus pandemic, social workers have also been on the frontlines with doctors, nurses, home health care workers, grocery store staff, and other essential employees. For instance, local trauma social workers in the emergency room at our local hospitals in Portland are helping those hospitalized because of the Coronavirus get the best quality care and the services they need to recover once they return home to their families and communities. 

Other social workers in Portland areas help people cope with mental illness and substance use disorders during the pandemic, often doing this job remotely to keep everyone safer.

The social work profession faces challenges like a shortage of social workers in schools and law enforcement. Yet they are needed to help people cope with complicated issues such as trauma, poverty, and drug addiction, and schools need them to help students learn during the pandemic. Although social workers play a critical role in our nation's health care and mental health system, the need for better patient support puts high pressure on their position.

Portland Social Workers provide compassion, peace of mind, and needed support to Portland families all year long. In March it is time to recognize and acknowledge the critical role of social workers. Social work is a profession guided by the heart and with the person's best interests in mind. Their role is essential, so we want to let them know we appreciate them.

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