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How to Care for your Bedbound Loved One

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If your aging loved one is bedbound, either temporarily or permanently, she will face challenges that extend far beyond the physical problems that can result from immobility. Feelings of isolation, depression and anxiety, confusion, and mood swings are common, and they can affect your loved one's physical health and prevent optimum healing. Family caretakers face challenges as well. Watching your loved one waste away after a lifetime of activity can have serious emotional consequences. Caregiver burnout is another serious condition that can affect the level of care you're able to provide, and preventing it is essential for ensuring you and your loved one stay healthy.
BrightStar Care of Bentonville can help with the care of your bedbound loved one for just a couple of hours a day or every day. We work with you to assess her needs - and yours - and develop a care plan that will help ensure the highest level of physical and mental health for both you and your loved one.

Essential Care for Your Bedbound Loved One

Bedbound patients are particularly susceptible to physical problems such as pressure ulcers, muscle pain, constipation, pneumonia and blood clots in the legs. BrightStar Care of Bentonville's home health care staff is highly capable when it comes to caring for the bedbound. Some of the essential daily tasks we can help with include:

  • Caring for the skin. Pressure ulcers (also known as bedsores) are a major concern, and your loved one's skin should be assessed frequently for the telltale pink areas that indicate the first stage. Your caregiver will reposition your loved one regularly to prevent pressure ulcers. Aging skin is also prone to dryness and itching, and your personal care provider can apply moisturizer regularly to ensure optimum comfort. If your loved one is incontinent, keeping her clean and dry is essential for preventing rashes and sores.
  • Nutrition and hydration. Good nutrition is critical for good health and promoting healing. Protein helps maintain muscles and prevents them from wasting away, while fresh fruits and vegetables provide fiber to help ensure regular bowel movements and prevent constipation. Proper hydration is also very important, and a BrightStar Care in home care provider can help make sure your loved one is sipping on water regularly throughout our stay.
  • Hygiene. Good hygiene is important for preventing infection and for making your loved one feel clean and healthy. Our personal care attendants can help your loved one with oral hygiene, using the toilet or bedpan and administering sponge baths.
  • Range of motion exercises. Atrophy is the wasting away of muscle mass, and it's a real concern for bedbound patients. We can take your loved one through essential range of motion exercises to keep the blood moving, the muscles working and the joints mobile.
  • Personal and emotional comfort. Fluffing the pillow, pulling up the blankets, massaging the feet and scratching unreachable itches are just a few of the ways we can help your loved one maintain a high level of comfort. But perhaps most importantly, our personal care providers are experts at keeping bedbound patients entertained with engaging activities that will help stave off boredom, bring joy and enjoyment and keep your loved one's mind active.

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