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Why Choose BrightStar® Home Care

As you research in-home care options, you may feel as if you have to choose between high-quality service or friendly, compassionate providers. At BrightStar Home Care, your loved one will receive both. 

Although we’re proud to be an award-winning home care brand that is consistently recognized for the quality of care we provide, that’s not why we do this job. Your grandma and grandpa. Your parents and spouse. Your loved ones and friends. THEY are the reason we get up each day. So we can hear their stories, meet their needs, give you peace of mind.

Where Long-Term Experience Meets Compassionate Care

We follow a clinically based model of care with full client oversight and comprehensive case management. This ensures that your family member receives the best possible quality of life, while remaining as independent as possible at home. And these services are provided by warm and respectful professionals who are passionate about caring for others. We call it: A Higher Standard®. 

When you choose BrightStar Care®, you choose a well-trained team that is dedicated to person-centered care ranging from personal and companion care to specialized dementia care and skilled nursing services.*  

For more than 20 years, BrightStar Care has delivered A Higher Standard of care so that your grandparents, parents or spouse can stay in their home longer, surrounded by the people they love and the things they hold dear. 

We know that being in familiar surroundings provides your family member with a sense of independence and dignity – while also receiving the right care for their needs with a compassionate caregiver looking out for their health and safety. Here are some of the ways we elevate the in-home care experience we offer:

Committed to The Joint Commission Standards 

Delivering A Higher Standard of care has been integrated into everything we do – every day. That’s why we’re committed to following The Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals®. The Joint Commission is a widely recognized organization that accredits the nation’s best hospitals and other major health care systems. 

When you see The Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval®, you know that the BrightStar Care location has undergone a detailed on-site review by a Joint Commission expert who confirms that they follow rigorous requirements for quality, safety and care. In addition, BrightStar Care is the only national home care brand that, based on the performance of local offices, consistently earns the Enterprise Champion for Quality award from The Joint Commission. 

Nurse-Led Care Makes a Meaningful Difference 

No matter what at-home services your loved one needs, their care is supervised by a Registered Nurse (RN) from day one. From round-the-clock care to just a few hours of support each week, our nurse-led team creates a plan of care that works for you, your budget and your family’s unique needs. 

Our caregivers work closely with our nurses to keep them informed about any changes to your loved one’s condition so we can reduce the likelihood of a fall or the need for a hospital visit. Here are some other benefits of nurse-led care:

  • The nurse can provide services, resources and education for you and your loved one. 
  • They can answer questions and provide details about a variety of health conditions. 
  • They can help prevent (or identify) medication interactions. 
  • They can serve as consultants for your in-home caregivers. 

In addition to the personal connection our care professionals have with each of their clients, our proprietary technology allows our staff to deliver real-time updates to the supervising nurse so the customized plan of care can be adjusted if needed. This flexibility of care reduces the likelihood of falls, infection, re-admission to the hospital, medication interactions and other potentially undesirable outcomes. 

Although we use innovative technology for the benefit of our clients, we never forget the importance of the little things – whether that’s a kind word, a big smile, a touch of the hand or a listening ear. Increased nurse involvement means more opportunities to make sure your loved one receives just what they need. Right when they need it. Right where they want it — at home. 

Attentive and Proactive Caregivers You Can Trust 

Independently owned and operated BrightStar Care agencies hire caregivers who enjoy getting to know the people they care for and are dedicated to helping them maintain a meaningful quality of life. Most of all, we encourage caregivers to take pride in upholding our promise to deliver A Higher Standard of care every day. 

Rigorous recruiting and stringent screening practices (including undergoing background checks, drug screenings and licensing/certificate verifications) help make sure agency leaders select caregivers and nurses with the right mix of experience, can-do attitude and heartfelt compassion. We support these high-quality caregivers and nurses by offering ongoing training and development to meet the evolving needs of our clients. 

Whether it’s a short-term need or ongoing care, your trust means everything to us – because we know that your family member means everything to you. 

Please reach out to learn how we may be able to serve your family or check out our Home Care Guide. A local BrightStar Care nurse and care team member will come to your home to get to know you and your loved one, discuss their needs and answer any questions. The nurse will also conduct a health and wellness evaluation, so that a personalized plan of care can be created. 

There is no cost or obligation for an in-home assessment. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us at 866-618-7827 or find a BrightStar Care location near you. 

*Skilled nursing and medical service availability varies by state. Call 866-618-7827 for a full list of services or to schedule a free in-home assessment.

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Families choose BrightStar Home Care for a variety of reasons — but the overarching reason is that every decision we make and every action we take is for the benefit of those who have been entrusted to our care. Find a BrightStar Home Care location near you to learn more or contact us online to request a complimentary in-home assessment.