Employee Screening and Training

Our High Quality Caregivers and Nurses

There is no greater reward than the trust our clients place in us. That’s why we believe in giving you peace of mind by offering the highest quality caregivers and nurses.

Each employee at BrightStar Care® is required to demonstrate the core values that our company upholds. These values include compassion, integrity, excellence, trustworthiness, accountability and reliability. 

We recognize and understand the time-consuming challenge of finding compassionate, dedicated and qualified care professionals — whether you’re an individual or an organization. Our independently owned and operated local agencies conduct the following screening processes and practices for every employee to ensure you receive high-quality care providers:

  • In-depth interview to determine skills and experience
  • Criminal background check
  • License/certificate verification in accordance with state law and requirements
  • Reference checks
  • Confirm current CPR certification
  • Drug screening

 Once screened and approved for hire by BrightStar Care, each employee goes through the next step of our process:

  • Competency testing and verification
  • State health screenings as required by law
  • Ensure all federal and state trainings are completed
  • Supervisory visits 90 days of employment and annually thereafter
  • In-office orientation prior to placement
  • Continual license status monitoring throughout employee tenure
  • Employee performance reviews

In addition to ongoing training by our local BrightStar Care teams, they also encourage all employees to pursue continuing education in order to deliver the quality care our clients deserve. We call it: A Higher Standard.

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