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Superior Assisted Living Experience

If you’re looking for an assisted living community that feels like home — while also supporting the needs of your loved one — then you’ve come to the right place.

Assisted Living at BrightStar® Senior Living and BrightStar Care Homes™

We bring together the comforts of home with the unmatched level of care delivered by our compassionate, professional staff to create a high-quality assisted living experience for your loved one. We offer amenities and conveniences for seniors with a wide range of personalities and needs.

Learn more about BrightStar Senior Living and how we’re different.

Learn more about BrightStar Care Homes and how we’re different.

What is Assisted Living?

This type of facility or care home provides 24/7 support for senior residents who need some level of round-the-clock care, but don’t require skilled nursing services. Assisted living provides opportunities for residents to socialize and take part in a range of activities, with support and oversight to meet minor gaps in their ability to care for themselves. Learn more about assisted living.

Types of Assisted Living

With a wide range of assisted living options, it’s important to find the environment and staff that can best meet your loved one’s needs. Your family member may prefer a facility with apartment-style living or they may thrive better in a home-like setting with more interaction among the residents. In addition to helping with basic personal needs for each resident, the assisted living staff can provide senior care services such as serving three meals a day and handling chores like housework and laundry. Read about the types of assisted living.

Benefits of Assisted Living

Your loved one deserves to spend their days enjoying their favorite activities — whether that’s playing cards or going on group outings — instead of maintaining a home and yard. If your family member needs assistance, but isn’t ready to give up their independence, assisted living can be a beautiful solution. Discover the benefits of assisted living.

Cost of Assisted Living

In addition to learning about the environment, services and staff, you’ll want to know how much this type of care costs. We offer a no-obligation complimentary consultation to discuss your family’s specific needs — or you can learn more online. Visit our cost overview page.

Getting Started with Assisted Living

If your loved one needs help with tasks like cooking or mobility — or they have a medical condition that requires a small to moderate amount of assistance — assisted living could provide them with a good blend of independence and support. Learn more about getting started with assisted living.

BrightStar Care caregiver assisting senior patient with watering plants

Find Assisted Living Near You

We encourage you to visit our unique assisted living community that supports dignity and independence in a home-like environment. Find a local BrightStar Senior Living or BrightStar Care Homes location or call 866.618.7827 to request more information or schedule a tour.