6 Benefits of In-Home Care Services

There are countless benefits of home care, and not just for the client. In-home care is used by older adults who want to remain in their own home for as long as possible. It's also used by people of all ages who need support while recovering from an illness or injury. Whether you or a loved one are contemplating in-home care, recovery and quality of life can be significantly enhanced. As you’ll see, the benefits of in-home care can extend to family members too.

Please take a few moments to review these key benefits to help you make the right decision for your family.

1. Support for Family Members

Friends and family who take on home care duties can quickly become overwhelmed. Caregiving is a tough job — not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Using an in-home care provider will relieve the family from caring for a loved one with a serious injury, surgery or illness. Having professional care means you can take time for yourself and fill up emotional reserves that may have been tapped.   

2. Cost of In-Home Care is Less Expensive

In-home care costs for seniors can be much less expensive than other alternatives. While they can sometimes be the best option depending on family circumstances, nursing homes and assisted living communities can cost several thousands of dollars per month. Many home care agencies charge by the hour allowing family members to schedule care according to personal needs. Recovering from an injury with in-home care can be much less expensive than at a hospital or skilled nursing facility.

3. Safety is a High Priority

Health and safety are always a high priority for family members and care providers. Professional care can help reduce medication errors, injury from falls and deterioration of existing health issues. Care providers will offer tips on keeping a home safe.    

4. Around-the-Clock Compassionate Care

In-home care services deliver compassionate and individualized care to their patients 24/7. Due to a typically high patient-to-caregiver ratio, many nursing homes cannot give one-on-one attention. Whether needed to provide respite for family caregivers or as part of an overall in-home care plan, this service provides peace of mind — day or night.

5. In-Home Care Supports Independent Living

The feeling of independence is critical to our well-being and mental health as we grow older. Aging at home (often called “aging in place”) gives a sense of control and autonomy. Many routines can be kept and day-to-day relationships can stay intact. In-home care allows family members to stay involved and present, which may not happen if a loved one moves to a nursing home.

6. In-Home Care Can Boost Companionship

Many older adults — or people with conditions that limit their opportunities to interact with others — can experience loneliness due to social isolation, the loss of friends or family, or illness. Hearing loss can also contribute to feeling isolated since it’s difficult to participate in conversations or feel like part of the group. In-home care can give a boost to anyone that is facing isolation due to health issues. Home care aides can become trusted companions and enhance quality of life. Companionship home care can be as simple as assistance with writing letters for seniors or providing new mothers with support.

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