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Medical Staffing Solutions

Our healthcare hiring expertise is ready to support your organization’s staffing needs.

Delivering superior medical and non-medical healthcare is contingent on hiring and retaining high-quality staff members for both short-term and long-term roles. BrightStar® Medical Staffing can alleviate some of that stress and strain on your existing resources by filling positions across your organization on a per diem, temporary, contract or permanent basis.

Learn more about BrightStar Medical Staffing and how we’re different.

We provide compassionate and trustworthy personnel to hospitals, nursing homes, schools, physicians’ offices, labs and other locations where healthcare staff is needed. Learn more about locations we staff.

Our staff undergo in-depth screening, license verification, drug screening and background checks. We also provide them with ongoing training and development opportunities. Learn more about positions we fill.

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Find a Reliable Medical Staffing Partner Near You

BrightStar Medical Staffing is committed to being the partner you trust when you need personnel to fulfill your healthcare organization’s mission. Turn to our staffing team today — and put your staffing challenges behind you. Find a local BrightStar Medical Staffing location or call 866.618.7827 to learn how we can help.