Analysis Demonstrates Benefits of BrightStar Care® Services

Demonstrating superior clinical outcomes has been a long-standing challenge for those that provide in-home care. Fragmented care standards across states, the lack of standardized measures in personal care and the lack of visibility home health care agencies have on claims data for patients/clients has made it nearly impossible to demonstrate those outcomes. Until now.

BrightStar Care® commissioned a study by Avalere Health, a leading US-based healthcare analytics firm, to evaluate BrightStar Care's client outcomes and cost benefits. The results of the analysis suggest that BrightStar Care’s interventions were correlated with lower rates of inpatient admissions, emergency department visits, home health and skilled nursing facility (SNF) utilization for clients with certain chronic conditions.

How the Study Was Conducted

Avalere Health compared BrightStar Care clients to a matched control group of Medicare beneficiaries and assessed the relative utilization of Medicare services between the two populations for different health care conditions with the average age of the population being 80.

Study Findings

Avalere’s analysis revealed that the change (baseline vs. follow-up) in the total cost of care was up to $29,902 lower for clients who received BrightStar Care services when compared to clients who did not receive services. The impact was concentrated in the subpopulation of clients with one of 30 chronic medical conditions, including multiple sclerosis, traumatic amputations, lung cancer, and seizure disorders, among others.

The analysis provides the latest evidence that personal care services, such as medication reminders, meal preparation, personal care assistance and patient education can have a positive impact on overall health, leading, in turn, to a reduction in healthcare costs and value creation for payers. BrightStar Care’s nurse-led care teams coordinate post-acute transitions, oversight on medication compliance, patient education and ongoing monitoring of patient change of condition. This assistance prevents avoidable hospitalizations and emergency room usage and improves the quality of life for clients.

*Based on 1,058 patients. Source:

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