Caregiver of the Year Awards: Home Care

At BrightStar® Home Care, our caregivers are everything to our clients — and to us. Each year, we reach out to the people whose lives have been touched by our compassionate care professionals — from home health aides and caregivers to certified nursing assistants — nationwide to share their experiences with us.
Hundreds of nominations pour in from our clients and their loved ones. As our team of judges reads each and every submission, we are reminded how fortunate we are to have so many dedicated and beloved caregivers serving our clients.
Sincere, tender and loving, the nominations echo the many reasons why our clients continue to choose BrightStar Home Care. Our caregivers are making our clients’ lives better each day in both big ways and those special little moments. 
Learn more about our regional winners over the years below. And if you’d like to become a part of a local superstar team, you can apply today.

Our caregivers are employed by local independently owned and operated BrightStar Home Care agencies.

  • Jonelle Bedell

    Jonelle Bedell

    Jonelle enhanced her client's life by playing the piano, bringing sweet-smelling flowers and making mealtime pleasant. 
  • Comfort Amponsah

    Comfort Amponsah, CHHA

    Comfort provides physical, mental and emotional support for her bed-bound client living with advanced dementia and gives the family much needed peace of mind. 
  • Pamela (Pam) Daniels

    Pamela (Pam) Daniels, CNA

    Pam became an irreplaceable part of Crystal’s family, providing her with the support she needs for her post-stroke aphasia and physical challenges as well as emotional support through difficult times. 
  • Sarah Masciangelo

    Sarah Masciangelo

    Sarah knows how to provide just the right amount of support and maximize every opportunity to help her client recovering from a traumatic brain injury continue to improve.