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Meet Our Brighton, MI Home Care Team


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Sarah Williams, Owner

What experience do you bring to BrightStar? Sarah Williams comes to BrightStar as a mother of two with an education background and 8 years of experience in home health care. She has taught children from ages 4 to 12 in elementary schools in England and India. She specialized in children with Special Educational Needs. She accommodated them in mainstream classroom where she has had to adapt the curriculum to meet their individual needs. She has taught children with ADHD, autism, Down’s syndrome, developmental delay, spina bifida and deafness. These skills are invaluable when liasing with children and families through BrightStar’s Kidcare . Personal experience in caring for her grandmother, made Sarah realize the true value of high quality healthcare and good communication from people who truly care. BrightStar offers that top end service which she wishes she could have found for her family. What aspect of your job are you most passionate about? Sarah is passionate about providing the highest quality care for each of our clients. She strives to make sure we do what we say we are going to do. Sarah recognizes that it is critically important that our clients are treated with respect and dignity in their home, no matter what their situation may be. I provide a higher standard of care by… Listening to what our clients and caregivers want. Over these past 8 years, Sarah and Kelvyn have learned that not only is BrightStar there to provide care for an individual, but BrightStar is there to provide support to the family as well, which is equally as valuable.


Kelvyn Williams, Owner

What experience do you bring to BrightStar? Prior to coming to BrightStar, Kelvyn Williams had over 15 years of general management experience within the automotive sector. He has 8 years of experience providing highest quality skilled and non-skilled home care in the Livingston and Washtenaw counties. His Grandfather suffered with Alzheimer’s and Kelvyn experienced firsthand how this terrible disease takes its toll on both his Grandfather and supporting family members. He remembers the challenges of ensuring somebody was with his Grandfather at all times to ensure he did not wander from home and to provide for his personal care needs. He is a local board member for the local Alzheimer’s Association and senior support groups in both Livingston and Washtenaw counties. He has a strong understanding of meeting customer’s expectations and what it really means to provide the highest levels of customer service. He develops long-term relationships with our referral sources and the clients and families we look after. Bringing these values to BrightStar has resulted in a customer focused approach where providing above and beyond customer service is a way of life. What aspect of your job are you most passionate about? Ensuring we provide excellent care and service to all of our clients and their families. Kelvyn enjoys offering “peace of mind” by providing healthcare solutions that help families and business live and perform at their best. I provide a higher standard of care by… Guaranteeing we meet all of the promises we commit to.


Elly Cairns, Office Manager

What experience do you bring to BrightStar? Elly joined Brightstar in January 2018.  She has 17 years of experience in staffing, recruiting and scheduling in the healthcare industry.  Elly has worked with a large pool of nurses, therapists and home health aides for many of the major area hospitals as well as private duty and home care settings.  She has managed various types of private duty cases throughout Michigan including remote areas.   Elly brings her vast experience to Brightstar as the Branch Manager, overseeing the daily operations of the business.  She has raised 4 children and has lived in the Livingston County area for the past 16 years.  She happily joined Brightstar to be part of a company that provides the highest quality care to our communities. What aspect of your job are you most passionate about? Without our caregivers and our clients, we would not be in business.  They are the reason that we come to work every day and they deserve the highest quality of respect and care that we can provide and Elly makes it her mission to convey that message. I provide a higher standard of care by… making sure that our caregivers and our clients receive excellent customer service and an open line of communication.


Brenda Needham, Director of Nursing

How long have you been a Nurse?  I have served as a registered nurse for over 7 years and have received a bachelor’s degree from University of Michigan with honors. My area of experience includes home health care, hospital, primary care-care manager and skilled nursing facility environment, with a focus on the geriatric population. What experience do you bring BrightStar Care?  I have gained valuable experience over the last 10 years working alongside talented and skilled health care professionals. From doing work as a community volunteer, certified nursing assistant, Physician Super User Trainer of Cerner software in hospitals, to serving the most vulnerable people of Africa and finally as a Registered Nurse. I remain educated on evidence based best practice through memberships in highly recognized journals such as American Journal of Nursing, Infusion Nursing Society and Nursing Management. I am delighted to have a second career “of passion” as a healthcare professional. What aspect of your job are you most passionate about?  Providing supportive services for vulnerable populations, advocating, and providing quality home care services through skilled nursing care and a supportive team of people who share equal values and concerns for others. I am also passionate about adhering to my core values as they are important principles that not only grow personal satisfaction but central to effective patient centered care. Making BrightStar a good fit because their core values align with my own. I am Making More Possible for our BrightStar Care clients by …Consistently set up individuals for success through education, training and developing processes that support the framework for quality care. That includes delivering continuity of care by collaborating with all healthcare delivery services. Finally, listening to the needs of others, and exercise best practices.


Beth Shelby, Human Resources/Recruiting Coordinator

What experience do you bring to BrightStar? Beth joined the Brightstar team with over 10 years of experience in Human Resources and Recruiting. She has worked in the construction and manufacturing fields and brings that knowledge and her optimistic outlook to the table.  She has lived in Livingston County for over 20 years and feels blessed to have been able to raise her son in this wonderful community.   What aspect of your job are you most passionate about?  Beth is most passionate about building a strong caregiving team with caregivers that represent the Brightstar Care level of higher standards.  I provide a higher standard of care by… locating and bringing on board compassionate, dedicated caregivers.


Shauna Shifflet, Office Coordinator

What experience do you bring to BrightStar? Shauna has been promoted to the Office Coordinator position for the BrightStar Ann Arbor office.  Shauna joined our BrightStar family as a caregiver. She now has more than 10 years of experience in caregiving. Her growth with the company is attributed to her motivation, high quality caregiving and dedication to our clients and staff. All the clients that have had Shauna involved in their lives, speak very highly of her, both in terms of her caregiving and also the bond that she builds with the family. Shauna is always willing to go the extra step. Shauna is a busy mom of 2 beautiful daughters. No two days are ever the same for Shauna and her family, as this family’s love of the outdoors has them busy with lots of activities. You can often find them participating in many of the events that our community has to offer. Shauna is happy to be part of the BrightStar team because going to work feels like home. She is happy to be a part of a team that shares the core values of respect, compassionate and high quality for families. What aspect of your job are you most passionate about? Shauna is passionate about making sure her our clients are treated with dignity and respect. She recognizes every client deserves quality care and it's her passion to ensure all our clients are provided with quality care. I provide a higher standard of care by… Working together with our clients, caregivers, and staff to provide the best possible care and undergoing continuous training with caregivers and open communication..


Lori Archer, Business Development Manager

What experience do you bring to Brightstar?
Lori has been a part of the healthcare community for her entire career. Out of college she works for a number of global pharmaceutical companies and became one of the top sales people in the country. She then went on to run her own consulting business that included work in the United States and Europe. When her parents needed in-home care Lori realizes that this was a growing need and transitioned her career in order to help other people find the care they needed. What part of your job are you most passionate about?
Lori takes great pride in matching up the needs of her clients with the right caregivers. She is a firm believer that people should be able to live in dignity and she works hard to make sure her clients receive the support they need.  I provide a higher standard of care by ... Taking the time to truly understand all of the needs of my clients so that I can find the best possible care for them at that moment in time.


Aubrie Gramer, Client Care Coordinator

What experience do you bring to BrightStar? Aubrie is the Clinical Care Coordinator for Brightstar's Brighton and Ann Arbor offices. Aubrie is a licensed practical nurse working towards her registered nurse degree, set to graduate May 2021. Aubrie has 7 years experience in healthcare and enjoys the homecare environment. When Aubrie is not studying, she enjoys spending time with her fiancé Jack camping, hiking, canoeing, or sitting next to a cozy bonfire. What aspect of your job are you most passionate about? Aubrie is passionate about going above and beyond to provide holistic care that improves quality of life, and allows clients to remain comfortable and safe in their own home. I provide a higher standard of care by… Aubrie strives to provide individualized care that exceeds client expectations.


Jennelle Lybrink, Customer Care Coordinator

What experience do you bring to BrightStar? Jennelle is the Customer Care Coordinator for the BrightStar of Brighton & Ann Arbor offices. Jennelle is the mother of a little girl and enjoys each day watching her grow. Her love of the outdoors also keeps her very busy. Jennelle and her family can often be found out on the lakes boating, fishing or swimming. During the winter months she loves to curl up with a good book. Jennelle is happy to be part of the BrightStar team because we share the philosophy that every person deserves the highest quality of personalized care. She has more than 10 years of experiences in the medical field and customer service. What aspect of your job are you most passionate about? She is passionate about making a positive difference in the lives around her, which inspired her to become a part of the medical field. Jennelle’s time at BrightStar has been rewarding and given her the opportunity to meet many people from all walks of life. I provide a higher standard of care by… Making sure our clients are provided the highest quality of care possible.


Annette Jones, Customer Care Coordinator

What experience do you bring to Brightstar?  Annette joined Brightstar in April of 2019 after raising 3 amazing sons.  Her experience includes 20 + years of care for her 2 sons with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  She was her sons' full-time primary caregiver, advocate, and coordinator of all aspects of their care.  She has been a mentor for other parents of children with muscular dystrophy and other special needs.  She has been a volunteer and fundraiser for The Muscular Dystrophy Association, The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan, The Suite Dreams Project, and speaking at an event for the American Red Cross emphasizing the importance of blood donations. Annette understands the importance of providing high quality care for our clients and putting families at ease knowing that their loved one will receive the care they need. Annette enjoys communicating with our clients, their families, and our caregivers. She strives for excellent customer service.  Away from work, Annette enjoys the outdoors: taking photos of wildlife, kayaking, and visiting Michigan's Upper Peninsula. She enjoys travel and taking care of her pug, Chewie. What aspect of your job are you most passionate about? Annette is passionate about coordinating excellent care for our clients that best suits their individual needs.  She believes in finding the right fit between client and caregiver. Annette loves to help others and provide a listening ear. She is proud to be part of the Brightstar Team. I provide a higher standard of care by... having an extreme desire to help people in need and working with our excellent caregivers and support staff to ensure we provide our clients with a high quality of care.


Questions about our care team?

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