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At BrightStar Care Chattanooga, client and employee satisfaction
is our number one goal! For that reason, we voluntarily participate in two different monthly satisfaction surveys, Press Ganey and Home Care Pulse.
The survey results allow us to better understand and continually improve both the client and employee experience.

Each month, we want to recognize those caregivers who were specifically complimented by a client and, among those, one caregiver who was selected as the 'Caregiver of the Month.'
The January Caregiver of the Month is Yolanda Levesque. Yolanda has been employed with BrightStar since March 2014.
I have had the privilege to work with her at a childcare event and she is one of the most patient, compassionate individuals I have met.
When one of her many clients was surveyed in the Home Care Pulse, he stated, 'when issues come Yolanda Levesque- January Caregiver of the monthup, like a problem, Yolanda seems to have a general understanding of what the situation is and what needs to be done. Compassion is all that it is!" In addition to constantly being complimented by her clients, Yolanda always arrives to her shifts on time, she is dependable and she is punctual in turning in her paperwork to the office.

Recently, a member of our office staff surprised Yolanda while she was working with a client. She was awarded with a certificate and a $50 gift card.
Thank you, Yolanda, for being awesome! 
Kudos also to the following:
Hali Mickna - The BrightStar Care office received a call from a client's son. He wanted to personally call and compliment Hali for the work she does with his mother. He said that his 'mother is the type of person who doesn’t want to let the family know when she’s not feeling well. He said Hali recently convinced his mother to inform the family of some recent health issues she’s having which might indicate possible heart problems that need to be checked out. He thought it was great that Hali was able to do this and he wanted to let us know how much he appreciated her doing this and the work she does with his mother.'
Lashunnareka King - "Pep is a very nice person! Pep is able to get my wife up, washed, dressed, and back to bed safely. Pep is always on time."
Kerr family member
Patti Marsh - "The caregiver can explain things to me about my mother when things are going on. The caregiver is on top of things she is doing around the house. The caregiver is Patti Marsh" - Hayes family member
Emily Westbrook- "We continue to be supported by a great team of support care providers from BrightStar who help Dad and Mom at home and in Siskin. Emily is wonderful!" - Irwin family
Donna Tarver- "We love Donna and rate her 10 out of 10. We are very happy with her! - Eachus family